Vegetarian Food

In Malaysia, we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy a whole variety of vegetarian food especially from Chinese and Indian food.

But sometimes, you may not be able to find a full variety of vegetarian options available at where you are staying or working. I have friends who are vegetarians who often prepare and bring their own food from home. Here are some compilation of vegetarian food that you can order online* if these food are hard to find in your area.

Hope the list helps as I utilize some of the ingredients when I prepare on my vegetarian food.

Ingredients for food preparation:

Vegetarian Seasonings/ spices and paste:

Ready Made Vegetarian Dishes/ Food:


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Calories in your favourite food in Malaysia:

Ever wondered that are the calorie content in your favourite food in Malaysia? View the video below…you may be surprised that some seemingly ‘healthy’ food are actually high in calories: