Pain Management

Due to bad dietary choices and improper posture, I suffer from chronic pain  :? : . In my experience, the following treatments are effective for pain management. Some cost money, some require one to attend classes (ie time commitment): Acupuncture example pain due to falls, lower back pain, twisted back, paralysis after stroke, rheumatoid arthritis Acucupping- which [...]


I wish there were as many resources widely available how for people with ADHD.  If you find yourself with ADHD, your way of learning, behaviour and motivation would be different than of others. Useful Books to Read on ADHD I wish to share below on 2 medical doctors who have very different opinion when it [...]

Elderly | Disabled Friendly

Here are how to assist your aged parent/ senior as they are losing mobility or for someone who have mobility issues due to injuries/accidents. I learn through my own experience with my mother who gradually develop mobility issues due to a fall. Below are the items (they are not the exact items but similar ones [...]

Delicious Hiong Piah biscuits from Gunung Rapat, Perak

Food and Drinks
Hiong Piah from Gunung Rapat

When my friend goes back her hometown in Taiping, she would stop by on her way back to buy some hiong piah (heong peah) biscuits for me and my family. Hiong piah is a type of biscuit baked using traditional charbroil method. In the past, this biscuits contains lard (pork oil) as part of their [...]

Where to buy wheelchairs, commode, elderly & children aids

Maycare Medical Equipment supplier

My mother is not so mobile and requires mobility aids like a wheelchair and walker in order to move around. I remembered how panicky I was last year when I had to rush around to search for these and buy the best items for her. The shop I would like to recommend is Maycare (Malaysian Healthcare [...]

Maycare Medical Supplies Malaysia- Address, Tel and Operating Hours

Branches, Health
Maycare Medical Equipment supplier

Maycare (Malaysian Healthcare Sdn Bhd 218267-K) is a company that supplies medical equipments and products to hospitals as well as directly to end users. The range covers from speciality beds, mattress, exercise rehabilitation equipment, mobility equipments (wheelchair, walker, walking cane), paediatric (children) mobility to medical disposable items like masks, disinfectants, gloves, etc. When you need to [...]