Chinese Lunar Dates(with full/ new moon days)

UPDATE: FOR 2023, I have not prepare the Lunar calendar as I realized many would already have calendars of their own. However I have compiled the listing of full moon and new moon dates for 2023 (Year of the Rabbit) VIEW CHINESE LUNAR CALENDAR FULL MOON/NEW MOON DATES FOR 2023 Purpose: It may be useful [...]

Hari Raya Preparation & Supplies

Mydin Raya clothings- baju kurung and Baju melayu

Puasa would be starting soon and Raya celebrants would be busy preparing for the Hari Raya celebrations. This year would be a much quieter celebration. Nevertheless preparations still need to go on. Sales would be happening and everyone would be on sale so Malaysians from all walks of life would be able to take advantage [...]

Chinese Observation Dates, New& Full Moon Dates 2023

This list is useful for Chinese people in Malaysia who wishes to observe vegetarian diets on Chinese observation dates such as  new moon, full moon and Guan Yin Day. It is also useful for those who buy fruits and do prayers on observation dates. Page redirects to  


My love for crafting awakened my creativity which has helped me greatly in my career as well as being a blogger. You do not need to do this full time, because I feel the additional pressure of earning a living and making what sells would stifle your creativity and cause aversion. Instead of wasting countless [...]

Vegetarian Food

In Malaysia, we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy a whole variety of vegetarian food especially from Chinese and Indian food. But sometimes, you may not be able to find a full variety of vegetarian options available at where you are staying or working. I have friends who are vegetarians who often prepare [...]

Calendar 2023 available via online

Craft & Creative Supplies, Organize

Updated in November 2022 for year 2023 You can now purchase calendar for 2023 via online from websites such as Shopee MY*. I will be updating this page as more calendars are available. I’ve always have a soft spot for calendars and used to buy them as Christmas gifts for my team and friends. To [...]

Mooncake (all year round)

Here is the listing of MOONCAKE related products available online. The links are going to Shopee MY website*. I am affiliated with them and recommend them due to the wide selection of items and competitive pricing. HOMEMADE MOONCAKES (HALAL): The colourful hand crafted mooncake is listed under Aihana Thousand Layer Handcrafted mooncake . <!-- VisitMsiaResponsiveSize Popular [...]

Chinese Wedding Preparation

Chinese wedding is the most elaborate and requires detailed planning and expenses. This page contains a working list that hopefully will be useful for your wedding planning. This page is still being updated as you view. Please bookmark this page and check back later for updates. Do take note of the following: Most of the [...]

Pain Management

Due to bad dietary choices and improper posture, I suffer from chronic pain  :? : . In my experience, the following treatments are effective for pain management. Some cost money, some require one to attend classes (ie time commitment): Acupuncture example pain due to falls, lower back pain, twisted back, paralysis after stroke, rheumatoid arthritis Acucupping- which [...]