Some places on location within Petaling Jaya:

Art class Spring Art Workshop in Petaling Jaya

Art classes for children and adults in Petaling Jaya

Art can provide a therapeutic therapy to both adults and kids. Drawing is a good way to relax and destress ...
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Pineapple mooncake

Pineapple tarts maker in Petaling Jaya

During the last mooncake festival, I was gifted with pineapple mooncakes. I find this to be very creative because compared ...
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Amcorp Mall- evening wear clothings

Where to buy evening/ dinner wear and comfortable shoes in PJ

If you are shopping for formal wear for dinners, weddings and other events, you can consider visiting Amcorp Mall, Petaling ...
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House of Ingredients HOI Bandar Sri Damansara, Petaling Jaya

House of Hoi- selling baking products and equipment for festive baking

When we were young, we were not well off, yet mom always baked jam tarts and distribute to neighbors, colleagues, ...
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Kavitha's PJ Old Town - Indian Food

Where to find Indian food (including vegetarian) in Petaling Jaya

Tucked inside the Taman Selera food court located next to the PJ Old Town market in Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, ...
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Chempaka Buddhist Lodge Taman SEA Petaling Jaya

Chempaka Buddhist Lodge in Taman SEA

Chempaka Buddhist Lodge is Buddhist center located in Petaling Jaya. There are community as well as Buddhist activities being organized ...
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Kwan Inn Teng PJ Old Town

Kwan Inn Teng 观音亭 Temple in Petaling Jaya Old Town

Kwan Inn Teng (Guan Yin Teng) located in PJ Old Town is quite a well known Buddhist temple. The temple ...
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sour plum and mui far koh snack supplier PJ

Wholesale Snack Supplier II in Petaling Jaya

Aside from an earlier snack supplier that I have featured on, there is another long time snack supplier located in ...
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Siam laksa that is halal

Where to find Asam Laksa, Siam Laksa and Curry Mee that is Halal in PJ

This stall came under recommendation from someone who is a real foodie expert. It is located in the food court ...
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vet clinic PJ thank you note

Veterinary Clinic in Petaling Jaya near Jalan Gasing and PJ Old Town

For those of you who have pets for many years you may remember a very friendly doctor whose veterinary clinic ...
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