Paper Laterns sold at MrDIY

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There are some simple paper laterns that can be used as decorative pieces for homes and business: I was surprised to find such laterns being sold in MrDIY hardware shop for only RM1.90. The laterns comes with all type of colours however on display, I only found a few colours available: Upon checking with the [...]

Where to get Belly Dancing Skirt Belt or Coins

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Years ago, I had taken belly dancing class just for the fun of it. It involves isolating the lower, middle and upper part of the body. If we move the hands, then we keep the lower part still. Belly dancing is a good workout that helps build the core muscles. The instructor and some of [...]

Vegetable and fruits decorations using inexpensive carve tools


In Malaysia, you can find vendors selling innovative items at a very low price.  For instance, this man is selling plastic carve tools that can be used to make all sort of editable decorative items using vegetables and fruits: Update at 2018: If you cannot find these items at your local market and pasar malam, [...]