Mr DIY is gotta be one of my favourite places to visit to check out household items, stationeries, accessories for my car, and to fuel my creative brain as they have lots of notebooks and stickers.

Sticker books sold at Mr DIY

Scrapbook stickers, books and pens sold at Mr D.I.Y

If you love scrapbooking or just decorating your diary, planner and calendar, you can get some of your supplies from ...
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Affordable exercise equipment to meet your fitness goals

As it is now the beginning of the year, losing weight and getting toned/ more muscular would be in the ...
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Mr DIY CNY deco shopping bag

CNY deco (affordable and inexpensive) sold at Mr DIY

From an earlier article written on CNY deco from MrDIY, there are more Chinese New Year decorations that have been ...
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CNY deco at MrDIY

Chinese New Year deco sold at Mr DIY

Mr DIY has started selling decos for Chinese New Year quite early. When I went to Mr DIY about a ...
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Cute Luggage tags, passport holders and fridge magnets sold in Petaling Street Chinatown

Cute Luggage tags, passport holders and fridge magnets sold in Petaling Street Chinatown

It's the time of the year and many people would be going for holidays, taking a well deserved break and ...
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My diary from MrDIY

My Planning Tools for next year- Diary, Planner and Calendar

In 2018, I plan to be more productive to juggle multiple roles effectively. It is no longer viable for me ...
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Calendars and diaries

What type of diaries/ planners/ calendars to increase planning and productivity?

Update: October 2018- Do read the update of my experience in using these planning tools, almost a year on. It ...
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Mr DIY ballons

Where to Buy Party Supplies like ballons, candles, plates & children party packs

When my friends need to plan for parties or farewells, they would ask me where to find places that sells ...
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Planner notebooks sold at MrDIY

Planners, stickers, scrapbooking items and stickers sold at MrDIY

It is now approaching the new year and many would want start planning. During my last visit, I have noticed ...
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paper laterns sold at Mr DIY hardware shop

Paper Laterns sold at MrDIY

There are some simple paper laterns that can be used as decorative pieces for homes and business: I was surprised ...
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