The Rise of Halal Homemade Mooncakes -some available all year round

Halal mooncakes Aihana

Mooncake Festival is celebrated by the Chinese community. It is customary for the younger generation to buy and distribute mooncakes to elders and relatives about few weeks prior to the actual date (which falls on the 8th month and 15th day of the Chinese lunar calendar each year). On that day itself, some families would [...]

Buying ingredients, making and distributing mooncakes


It is now in July and sales of mooncakes have started (even before the Hungry Ghost month in the 7th Chinese lunar calendar have started). Mooncakes are getting more pricier by each year. If you know how to make your own mooncakes, you really save a lot of money because mooncakes sold outside are really overpriced [...]

Pineapple tarts maker in Petaling Jaya

Food and Drinks, Mooncake

During the last mooncake festival, I was gifted with pineapple mooncakes. I find this to be very creative because compared to traditional mooncakes, pineapple mooncakes are smaller and you do not feel too bloated after eating it due to the slightly sourish taste from the pineapple paste. The pineapple mooncake came in a simple box [...]

Mooncake Supplies by Bake with Yen

Bake with Yen mooncake supplies

Bake with Yen sells literally all the supplies you need to make mooncakes. I was quite surprised when I visit their Taman Megah outlet and saw that they have almost all the packing and supplies  required to make mooncakes (various paste flavours and the kam tui nutty): I do not know about other outlets but [...]

Bakers Cottage Mooncake 2018 early offers


Baker Cottage have already commenced sales of their mooncakes for 2018 very easy this year. In fact, I have seen the banner below being displayed at a Baker’s Cottage outlet since few weeks ago: Early bird promotion: They are having early bird promotion but the staff was not sure when the offer will be over. [...]

What to do with your mooncake boxes/containers


In Malaysia, you would often be presented with beautiful boxes when you buy mooncakes from established companies. Some of these boxes are made from steel or in a very beautiful packaged box. Some of the boxes are so beautiful that it is such a waste to throw away. These containers, unless those made from cardboard [...]

Where to buy mooncake laterns in KL/Malaysia

Mooncake, Petaling Street

Mooncake festival is coming very soon and many would be looking for shop for mooncake laterns for their home, office or kids. If you wish to just find a place with convenient parking and grab your laterns, then you may visit hypermarkets or shopping complexes that by now would be busy selling mooncakes and mooncake [...]

Jelly mooncakes sold in night market in PJ & KL

Creative, Mooncake

People sometimes choose jelly mooncakes over traditional mooncakes because: the price is cheaper due to the cost price of jelly mooncakes are lower health conscious as jelly mooncakes has lower calories simply love the taste of jelly mooncakes There is a lady called May who has been selling jelly mooncakes in the pasar malam in [...]

Bakers Cottage Mooncakes Offers and Catalogue


Many years ago, Bakers Cottage started introducing mooncakes as part of their annual sales. They started with beautiful mooncake boxes/ containers and come up with mooncake variants. The sales of their mooncakes shot up, helped by the packaging. As many people are giving mooncakes as gifts, the outer appearance are very important. Recently I went [...]