Malaysian tsunami- birth of a new Malaysia

Creative Merdeka theme drawings by children

The results of the 14th General Election have been nothing short of phenomenal …. placing Malaysia in the spotlight for all the right reasons. In the past, I have not written any articles related to politics across my blogs. But this time, I am so happy that I cannot help but to express my heartfelt [...]

Compilation of Meaningful Hari Merdeka messages Part 2


This article is a continuation from Part 1 From sms message received in 2020: Hargai keamanan, keselamatan, kemakmuran & kesejahteraan negara kita. Bersama-sama kita semua rakyat Malaysia menyemarakkan sambutan Hari Kebangsaan 2020. Below are more meaningful messages from other advertisers which I have compiled: MBSB (Malaysian Building Society): Melakar sejarah gemilang Biar bermacam dugaan, [...]

Compilation of Meaningful Hari Merdeka messages Part 1


Today is our Hari Merdeka (Independence Day). Our local papers would feature many meaningful messages for Hari Merdeka by different advertisers. This is part 1 (view part 2) Below are the newspaper advertisements that mostly contained creative, memorable and meaningful messages: Please click on the advertisement image below to enlarge: Aset Kayamas (view original [...]