Creative crafts sold at Jonkers Street, Malacca

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Jonkers Street in Malacca provides an array of interesting items and crafts for the visitor to look around. Jonkers Street only come alive from 6pm onwards. However, on Saturday and Sundays, it is opened during day time- but on weekdays, most of the shops would be closed. When I visited Malacca a few years ago, [...]

Clock Tower, Church & Victoria Fountain in Malacca

Custom-Places, Malacca

From St Paul’s Church in Jalan Laksamana, as you walk along the one way street passing the unique red colour shophouses: After passing these shophouses, you will see the Muzium Belia Malaysia (Malaysia Youth Muzeum): Then you will see the Christ Church (located at Jalan Gereja) The Victory Fountain and the Clock Tower. There are [...]

Trishaw or Beca rides in Malacca town

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Trishaws or becas can still be seen in Malacca town, but the trishaws now are tourist driven and beautifully decorated: The cost of the ride is RM40 per hour- each trishaw can sit by 2 average weight adult with probably a child. And there is a clear signboard located near Jonkers street entrance and the [...]

Visiting Malacca in a Day

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Malacca (also known as Melaka) is a historical state in Malaysia. During weekends and public holidays, you can find many outstation visitors- from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor driving to Malacca on a day trip for food, shopping and appreciate its historical uniqueness. How to get to Malacca: from North South highway and you exit via the [...]