Traditional Chinese and Nyonya kuih at local markets

Food and Drinks

When visiting the markets… be it the local markets or night markets (pasar malam), don’t forget to try out the different kuih sold. When I bring visitors from overseas, they really enjoy trying out various kinds of locally made kuih. Referring to the labels in both the diagrams, here are the explaination of the kuih: [...]

Plastic Bags Supplier in Petaling Jaya

Kong Wah Plastic supplier in PJ

If you wish to purchase plastic bags, garbage bags, and disposable items like plates, cups, spoons, containers, straws and chopsticks, you can head on to Kong Wah, which is a stall located on the 1st floor of the Old Town wet market in Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya. The stall is located right above the section [...]

Cute lights of various shapes and designs

Kuala Lumpur, Shopping

Fancy buying cute but affordable lights- with cartoon images like Doremon and Hello Kitty? This store is located in front of Carrefour hypermarket in Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. It also sells mini fans. But if you do visit night markets or the pasar malam, you can also get similar items.

Cute Tshirts sold in Night and Markets


Well, you need not spend a fortune when you just want to buy some mini tshirts. After all, the tshirts are used for daily casual wear, and sometimes as exercise attire. There are lots of cute tshirts that you can get from both the day and night markets for like about RM10 a piece. In [...]

Fake eyelashes and nail polish sold at night markets


Where else can we find fake eyelashes for RM3 a box… if it is not from the local pasar malam or night market.  My friend bought it- I must ask her if the eyelashes are okay. Above, there are nail polish that comes in all shades and colors as well as face masks.

iPhone, iPad and Tablet casings and covers

Creative, Gadgets

The night market and kiosks located in shopping complexes are quite to catch up with the latest trends. iPhone, Samsung, Android, iPad and Samsung tablet covers can be found when you visit night markets or kiosks located at shopping mall- like in Sungai Wang. The designs are more creative and affordable- you can choose to [...]

Beautiful but low priced flower and fruit hamper


If you order fruits and flower hamper, it would likely cost you a few hundred ringgit. Ordering online is no doubt convenient but much more pricey as the online shop would need to factor in delivery charges, in case your area is not easily reachable via courier. I chanced upon the fruit and flower below [...]

Great stuff you can get from day markets


From day markets, you not only can buy yourself fresh vegetables, fruits, foodstuff, but an array of interesting and inexpensive things can be found there as well: Like the purses above are sold for less than RM10 for one. You can never find that price from any rented booths, kiosks or stalls. I’ve bought a [...]