Chinese Lunar Calendar 2022 (with full/ new moon days)- free download

I have prepared a calendar with Chinese Lunar months for the year 2022 (Water Tiger). The calendar is in pdf format and is available for download for free. The calendar contains dates in Chinese Lunar calendar and important Buddhist festivals to help in your planning. For example, some observe vegetarian diets on new moon, full [...]

Peribahasa Melayu (A-G) | Malay Proverbs- English translation


I have been intrigued by the deep meaning of the proverbs in the Malay language. Finally, I decided to get down to translate some of the proverbs into English language. The translation first contains the literal translation of the proverb itself in English (labelled as English translation). You may find the English grammar to be [...]

Vocabulary of Malaysian slang | Bahasa Pasar | Manglish

Malaysian Life

Many Malaysian can converse in English- however, as visitors you may find it perplexing that there seems to be a number of vocabulary used that is not found in the English language. As Malaysians, we use local jargon or slangs – which is combined from the different cultural and diversity within Malaysia. For the puzzled [...]