Wesak Day

Wesak Day (Vesak or Visakha Puja Day) is one of the most important days celebrated by Buddhists worldwide. During this day, many Buddhist would be visiting temples to do offerings, renew their vows (precepts) and to do spiritual practice such as chanting. For those who wish to visit Buddhist temples during this upcoming Wesak Day, [...]


Paranormal stories with lessons: Many of the stories are true accounts from my life that I would like to share: Below are articles on Halloween:  


Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya PJ Christmas decorations

Merry Christmas to everyone.  Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year of festivities, gift giving and happiness. Here are the list of articles in this site on Christmas :) :

Mooncake Festival

The actual Mooncake Festival would fall on 29 September 2023. PHYSICAL SHOPS SELLING THE SUPPLIES: If you are staying within the Klang Valley, here are the physical shops you can go to source the ingredients and items (example packaging) for your mooncakes : Note: The mooncake paste and direct ingredients are generally available about 2 [...]