Advice for the broken hearted and those unlucky in love

There is a karmic element in every relationship. It is not by chance that our path crossed, we meet and fall in love with someone. Just like relationships between parents and children, some people who come into our life is to ‘repay debt’ and some, to ‘collect debt’. If we have often cheated or hurt [...]

A story of love black magic (sihir pengasih)


Love magic (sihir kasih) is a form of black magic that is performed to make someone fall in love with the person. I know of a true story of someone who got cast with a love spell and it took her 10 years before the issue could be completely resolved. However, the ending of this [...]

When the house you live in is haunted


Yesterday was the Hungry Ghost festival day (14th day of the 7th Chinese lunar month). I thought about writing on what to do if one discover that the place one live in is or possibly could be haunted. This is through my own experience, as well as people I know who share with me their [...]

How a bidan and a bomoh saved my life

Health, Paranormal

Help can come in unexpectedly in life. Do you know that my life was saved by a bidan (midwife/assistance nurse) and a bomoh (Malay medium)? https://youtu.be/FBG55xFlo4g During the initial stages when my mom was pregnant with me, a doctor had diagnosed my mom as having a molar pregnancy (meaning just a lump of meat growing [...]

Haunted office buildings in PJ and KL


You may be surprised that office buildings in the city may have their own scary stories. These stories are usually known internally amongst some employees. But usually you would get to know more if you are close to the security guards or long time janitors. When I tell paranormal incidents, it is not with the [...]