Should you upgrade to a new car or keep your old one?

KLIA parking bays

Lately I am contemplating about writing more serious articles rather than the usual discoveries about places in Malaysia. I wanted to write this article to speak about my own experience and also to give you some fuel for thought in case you are considering to ‘upgrade’ to a new car. Everyone has a different take [...]

Is it really necessary to send your kids overseas to study?


I am writing this article in the context of Malaysian parents who are thinking of sending their child/children to pursue their education overseas. Reason why I wanted to write this is because I am seeing many of my colleagues and friends who are now parents mostly are planning for their children’s overseas education. In order [...]

Preparing your own Chinese wedding door gift

Craft & Creative Supplies, Wedding
Chinese wedding door gift

This concept is inspired from the door gift that is often found in traditional Malay weddings. When I was young, my mom brought us to various kenduri kahwin (Malay wedding hosted in homes) and we would get different door gift for each wedding. Nowadays there are lots of ready made door gifts and container packs [...]

Why Malaysia is a great haven for Digital Nomads

Kuala Lumpur
Sunway Pyramid view at night

I have been reading some discussions and experience of digital nomads travelling to Malaysia. Overall, there seemed to be some misconceptions which I hope to clear in this article. As a Malaysian, I would know if some of the things mentioned are accurate or not. And I know how a digital nomad want because I’ve [...]

Pelabuhan Klang to Pulau Ketam- therapeutic getaway


I have a confession to make- whenever I feel I need to sort out or figure out some stuff on my own, or need my own time, I would head on out the sea side if I could. I always find the breeze from the sea to be therapeutic. The nearest place feel the breeze [...]

DIY fan for your car below RM50 (kipas angin untuk kereta)

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Kipas angin USB dalam kereta

For the longest time, passengers who sat at the back of my car really suffered. Over the years, I have taken to a number of mechanics to check if there is anything I could do to make the passengers at the back more comfortable. All the mechanics told me there was nothing they could do. [...]