Beautiful hills and scenery in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

The scenery in Camerons is beautiful- you can see miles of tea plantations, flowers or just natural scenery. It is about 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur- the roads have improved a lot and easier to drive up. Above: Sunrise as I watched from the apartment that I’ve stayed. It’s a great gateway even if [...]

Inside a gift shop in Genting Highlands

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Thought that I share some photos that I have taken at a gift shop located in Ching Swee Temple in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. My friends made a lot of purchases from this shop and therefore no one seemed to mind as I was photographing their stuff. Below: Some old calendar in ancient Chinese themes Clay [...]

Inside a Strawberry farm at Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, Food and Drinks

Many people would visit Camerons and buy strawberries back home. We had a chance to visit a strawberry farm and saw how the plants were grown: Do always try out the strawberries before buying as sometimes they can be quite sour. But if dipped with chocolate sauce, it can be delicious as well as nutritious [...]

Tomato and green pepper farm in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands exports flowers, fruits and vegetables to all over the world. Here are some pictures taken inside a tomato farm and green pepper farm: Below are the green pepper or otherwise known in literal Chinese translation “latern-shaped chili”: The green peppers are no longer planted directly on the ground but on individual pots.

Where to rent an apartment in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Recently during my visit to Camerons, we stayed in a 3 room apartment. Apartment rentals are quite popular nowadays and suitable for big groups and families. And they cost only a fraction of the price- about RM200 for fully furnished, with cooking utensils, fridge, water boiler, cups, blankets, pillows, washing machine, soap, hot water, dressing [...]

Where to Stay in Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

The recommended place is usually First World Hotel- it provide a series of basic simple room at a budget: http://www.rwgenting.com/en/accommodation/firstworld_hotel/index.htm Sometimes, there are room offer discounts- you need to check the website for more information. (fyi: phone booking cost RM10 service charge). What is available in a standard room: 2 single beds (clean sheets), up [...]

Where to Eat in Genting Highlands

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Please note that food prices in Genting are higher compared to Kuala Lumpur.  This is understandable because of additional labor and transportation costs. Even the standard cafes like McDonalds are more expensive than the ones located elsewhere. If you decide that you want to save on the food, you can explore some budget tips based [...]

Visiting Genting Highlands, Pahang

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands… a place listed in places to visit for any tourist groups travelling to Kuala Lumpur. It is also the getaway for KL and nearby states folks to the cool weather. On public holidays and weekends, it is usually very crowded. How to get there: Via LRT train to Terminal Putra station (last station)>>> [...]