Buying everyday items via Speedmart vs Hypermarket


In the past, I used to go to hypermarket once a week or every two weeks to shop for grocery items. However, it has been months since I last been to any hypermarkets. Nowadays I buy most of my groceries from 99 Speedmart. I have written a previous article on Why I enjoy buying things from [...]

NSK Stores location, telephone and operating hours

Branches, Selangor, Shopping

Many people I know shop at NSK for groceries and items for cooking because the items are quite cheap. Those operating eateries like mix rice and noodles stall as well as those who are cooking for a large family would tend to prefer to shop at NSK because of they are able to get these [...]

What are the products to buy back when travelling to Malaysia?


This article is based on my experience from friends visiting Malaysia- what are the things they love and repeatedly choose to buy back. To get souvenirs or foodstuff? From my personal experience and those of friends who always bought stuff back after their overseas trip, I would say that foodstuff seems to be the more [...]

Why I enjoy buying things from Speedmart 99

speedmart 99 store front

Speedmart99 mini markets (pasar mini) have really mushroomed all over Malaysia in these recent years. Generally, they sell all items at quite reasonable price. It is a place where I now buy most of my groceries from (fresh items I still get from the local wet market though). For those visiting Malaysia, at times you [...]