Customized Steel Wall Plates (Galaxy Gift)

Creative, Shopping
Galaxy Gift- steel wall plates

While in One Utama, I came across this unique shop that sells customized steel wall plates called Galaxy Gift. Because creative ideas always inspired me, I went into the shop to have a look: It is quite interesting because they would supply rectangular wall plates of various colour combinations. You then choose the font type, [...]

Christmas gifts of motivational notebooks, bookmarks, posters, etc

Items from Positive Ideas

Few of my bosses would give us Christmas gifts during the end of the year. After receiving gifts a few times, I started buying gifts for my boss and my team members too. My favourite gifts to get them would be calendars, diaries, planners or notebooks. However, I eventually refine it to table calendars. Reason [...]

Preparing your own Chinese wedding door gift

Craft & Creative Supplies, Wedding
Chinese wedding door gift

This concept is inspired from the door gift that is often found in traditional Malay weddings. When I was young, my mom brought us to various kenduri kahwin (Malay wedding hosted in homes) and we would get different door gift for each wedding. Nowadays there are lots of ready made door gifts and container packs [...]