You can find all kinds of practical and cute stuff when shopping at DAISO.
NOTE: You can also visit Daiso’s Online Store in Shopee MY where almost 1000 items are being listed.

Monthly Planner: MrDIY vs UniPaper

Monthly spread planner from Daiso and Uni Paper (sold in bookstores)

This year, I bought 2 planners- from Daiso and Uni Paper (sold by Popular). In this article, I would like to do a comparison between both the planners. But first, why would we want a monthly spread planner? Why not an organizer, a notebook or a diary? I can only speak from my personal experience. [...]

Christmas Decorations sold at Daiso


Daiso features Christmas decorations, with some similar that previous years as well as some new additions (they would always new items for each festive decorations that they are selling). This year, Daiso has recycle gift bags for one to place Christmas gifts. Some of their designs are quite cute as they also have recycle bags [...]

Various Halloween Decorations sold at Daiso

Creative, Halloween
Halloween deco sold at Daiso

When I visited Daiso, I am amazed at the different types of Halloween decorations sold there. As the prices of all items are fixed at RM5.90, it makes it easier to choose. Note: In 2018, Daiso also sell Halloween items- hence I believe they would be featuring Halloween items in years to come. Effective 1 [...]

Multipupose bags sold for RM5.90 each at Daiso

Custom-Suppliers, Shopping

Effective 1 November 2018, Daiso pricing have been revised to RM5.90 from RM5.57 due to implementation of SST (sales service tax). I find a multipurpose bags useful especially when it comes to organising small items for travelling- where I am able to place small items in a bag with transparent materials where I could see [...]

Christmas Decorations sold in Daiso Malaysia

Christmas, Custom-Suppliers, Festive

Daiso outlets in Malaysia are already selling Christmas decorations. Update: As of end of October 2018, Daiso have already started selling Christmas decorative items. Above are santa and reindeer hairbands- that thsoe with parties and costume themed days can wear…. just for fun. As per all items in Daiso, they RM5.90 each. Then above there [...]