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Preparing your own Chinese wedding door gift

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Chinese wedding door gift

This concept is inspired from the door gift that is often found in traditional Malay weddings. When I was young, my mom brought us to various kenduri kahwin (Malay wedding hosted in homes) and we would get different door gift for each wedding. Nowadays there are lots of ready made door gifts and container packs [...]

Kah lui peng (Chinese wedding biscuits)

Kah Lui Ping (wedding biscuits)

In Chinese wedding tradition, kah pui ping is being distributed by the soon-to-be bride’s family when they are sending wedding invitation to relatives and friends. These biscuits are usually given out in pairs- either in 2 pieces or 4 pieces.  The one in red contains red bean paste while the one in yellow contains lotus [...]

Items required for traditional Chinese wedding Guo Dai Li and tea ceremony


In the previous article, I have written about specialised one stop shop that sells traditional Chinese wedding items especially to be used for Guo dai li/ goh tai lai (gift exchange between the bride and bridegroom’s family) that is before the wedding. Guo dai li/goh tai lai (过大礼) requires an auspicious date and in the [...]

Traditional Chinese wedding items in KL- Loh Tim Kee


In traditional Chinese customs, prior to the wedding, there is the Guo Dai Li (过大礼) ceremony where both sides of the bride and groom exchange gifts for one another. Then there is the installation of the bed and on the wedding day, the tea ceremony. If the parents/grandparents are of traditional type, they are often [...]

Planning a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony

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Planning a wedding is never an easy task to do. There are many small details that needed to be taken care off when it comes to planning a wedding. More so when it comes to traditional Chinese wedding involving older generations that can be particular for the wedding to be carried out in a proper manner. [...]