Traditional Indian calendar

Where to buy traditional Indian calendar in Petaling Jaya

Towards the end of each year, we would be on the lookout for the next year's calendar. When I visited ...
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Items from Positive Ideas

Christmas gifts of motivational notebooks, bookmarks, posters, etc

Few of my bosses would give us Christmas gifts during the end of the year. After receiving gifts a few ...
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Mr DIY planners and notebook

Planners and journals sold at Mr D.I.Y

You would be amazed at the variety of designs of their notebooks, journals and planners if you visit any of ...
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Monthly spread planner from Daiso and Uni Paper (sold in bookstores)

Monthly Planner: MrDIY vs UniPaper

This year, I bought 2 planners- from Daiso and Uni Paper (sold by Popular). In this article, I would like ...
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Table calendars sold at Kaison Malaysia

Kaison- love their functional table calendars

Personally I really love the table calendars sold in Kaison. Two years ago, a friend gave me a calendar from ...
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Chinese lunar calendar full moon and new moon dates

Chinese lunar calendar full moon and new moon dates

Below are Chinese calendar dates for full moon, new moon as well as some specific dates from July 2018 to ...
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MPH Sassy Calendar

MPH Sassy Calendar- very beautiful design

My friend just given me a calendar by MPH- the Sassy calendar and I am amazed with the beautiful design ...
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Chinese auspicious date and timing for tasks for 2018

Chinese Auspicious Dates and Timing (in Mandarin) for 2018

Below are a schedule for Chinese auspicious dates and timing for the year 2018 which includes: what time to start ...
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Caring Pharmacy 2018 free desktop calendar

The Caring Pharmacy Free Calendar 2018 (purchase of min RM80)

The Caring Pharmacy is giving away free 2018 desk calendar when you make purchases of minimum RM80 in a single ...
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My diary from MrDIY

My Planning Tools for next year- Diary, Planner and Calendar

In 2018, I plan to be more productive to juggle multiple roles effectively. It is no longer viable for me ...
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Uni planner follow your heart

Calendar and planner I bought as well as useful mobile app to plan your activities for next year

It is only during end of each year or beginning of the new year that calendars, diaries and planners are ...
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Feng Shui Table Calendars- Joey Yap and Lilian Too


In the office (where I used to work), we often have gift exchange. Instead of getting items like Christmas dolls, mugs or chocolates, I tend to buy items like table calendars or diaries since right after Christmas it is the New Year. These are useful items for my colleagues who have the calendars (that I [...]

Kaison Malaysia Outlets and Telephone numbers

Branches, Custom-Suppliers, Popular

Last year, my colleague gave me a gorgeous table calendar from Kaison. The table calendar is the presize design that I wanted- their calendar contains the Chinese observance dates (it is helpful as I am on vegetarian diet on the first and 15 of the month) as well as sufficient space for you to write [...]