Spotlight- arts and crafts supplier

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Spotlight Imported Arts and Crafts supplier

Initially when I visited Spotlight in Ikano Power Center (IPC), I thought it was a store selling home decoration product. But as I venture inwards, lo and behold….the store carries a HUGE variety of imported arts and craft supplies. If Spotlight would have opened years ago back in the days when I was actively crafting, [...]

Shiny stickers for mobile phone and camera


A friend of mine have a beautifully beaded camera. I had always wondered where she had gotten the sticky beads from. Then I chanced on a store selling the stickers meant for mobile phones: All you need to do is to carefully remove the stickers (small sticky beads) and stick it bead by bead on [...]

Craft & Festive Supply Shop in PJ and KL

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If you want to get craft supplies and festive decorations, you can consider going to a supplier shop in PJ Old Town called Sin Wah. It is located next to McDonalds at PJ Old Town, opposite Watsons. You can get to Old Town via Rapid KL bus no. U66 that stops at the Jalan Othman [...]