Where to find delicious chiffon cake in Petaling Jaya

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Chiffon pandan cake

I absolutely love chiffon cakes, especially the pandan flavour.  Chiffon cakes are light fluffy cakes made mainly of eggs. There is a place in PJ Sea Park that sells delicious chiffon cakes called Australian Confectionery. The chiffon cakes are placed at the back, wrapped in clingwrap and place in their cake boxes: After my friend [...]

Lavender Bakery locations and telephone number

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Lavender Bakery sells mainly bread, cakes, pastries and cookies. Around mooncake festival, they also sell mooncakes. Their mooncake may be a little on the expensive side but is delicious. Most of their bakeries are located in shopping complexes such as One Utama and Mid Valley. Their pricing is not the cheapest but their bread and [...]

Baker’s Cottage Food- Value Meal Menu

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Baker’s Cottage have been quite innovative. Originally selling cakes, bread and pastries, they have added mooncake in the mix. And few months ago, they started to introduce meal sets- mainly chicken rice in their mix. Note: This may not be available in all their outlets. If they do provide additional meal offers, they would usually [...]

Beautiful Chinese Custom Cakes: Longevity and Auspicious Wishes

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I am so inspired after viewing the Australian Confectionery’s Facebook page where they feature the most beautiful custom made Chinese theme cakes that I have ever seen. These cakes could be custom ordered and would look great during celebration of an older person’s birthday party where all the family members, grandchildren and great grandchildren gather. [...]