Mooncake (all year round)

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Here is the listing of MOONCAKE related products available online. The links are going to Shopee MY website*. I am affiliated with them and recommend them due to the wide selection of items and competitive pricing.


Halal mooncakes Aihana

The colourful hand crafted mooncake is listed under Aihana Thousand Layer Handcrafted mooncake .

Note: Bakeries and homes are making mooncake for sale in Shopee. Lots of sellers with homemade mooncakes of all kinds. A wide variety of halal mooncakes are available (read my article on the Rise of Homemade Halal Mooncakes).



If you are staying within the Klang Valley, here are the physical shops you can go to source the ingredients and items (example packaging) for your mooncakes :

Note: The mooncake paste and direct ingredients are generally available about 2 months before mooncake festival. If you wish to make your own mooncakes at other times of the year, you would need to purchase the ready made mooncake paste online. 

Please view all my blog posts related to Mooncake Festival.


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