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The beauty of the Malay language can be seen in its soulful ballads. Here, I share some of my favourite Malay songs with their English translation. It is with hope that we can appreciate the talent, meaning and beauty in these songs. I would come up with more as time permits.

Published listing (you may refer to Categories> Music for automatic published listing) as the listing below is still being manually updated by me.

  • Arrow- Aku Tak Marah (I am not angry)
  • A to Z: Darjat  (Status)- about two from different social and wealth status- would the love work out?
  • Amy Mastura- Jawapan Kasih (Answer of Love)
  • Aris Ariwatan – Cinta Tak Kenal Siapa (Love Knows No One)- a man who held his love for a girl finally gotten the courage to express to her
  • Ben Nathan- Illusi Satu Penantian (A Waiting Illusion)
  • Damasutra- Lirik Umpama Mimpi Dalam Mimpi (Like a dream within a dream) – the song is complicated and sang in riddles- the meaning is deep
  • Erra Fazira- Yang Terindah Itu Hanyalah Sementara (The Most Beautiful Moments are only Fleeting) – a woman who had risked- experienced temporary happiness and now lead life with memories and sorrow
  • Fauziah Latiff- Teratai Layu Di Tasik Madu (Lotus Dying in a Honey Pond)- about a woman who is fed up of sweet lies that her love tells her
  • Fotograf- Luka Seribu Rindu (A Thousand Longing and Hurt) – a song sang by a broken hearted man
  • Francisca Peter- Aku Kehilanganmu (I’ve Lost You), Ooh La La Tropika (Tropical)– on the joys of staying in a tropical climate country like Malaysia
  • Freedom: Jauh Dirindu  (Far and missed)- about not giving up even though the love had lost its chemistry
  • Freedom: Kitalah Orang Ketiga   (We are the third party) – a song about two persons who meet and fell in love after they already belonged to someone else
  • Hasnol- Laguku Untukmu (My Song for You)
  • Hazami- Sonata Musim Salju (Winter Sonata)
  • Headwind- Suraya – a song for a girl named Suraya- very famous in the 80s
  • Headwind with Dayangku Intan- Kita Serupa  (We are similar) – It’s about two person, who had previously in hurt in their own respective relationships…and choosing to heal by being together
  • Iklim- Bukan Aku Tak Cinta (Not That I Don’t Love)- a story of 2 persons from different worlds who fell in love and had to part due to parental objection- the video is artistically done
  • Iklim- Suci Dalam Debu (Pure in Dust)- a man who hope his love will accept him despite being objected by others
  • Illusi- Puisi Cinta (Love Poem)-  expressing his love in a poetic love song
  • Jamal Abdillah- Hingga Tiba Saat Itu (Till that second comes) – a man who got famous and did not trust his girlfriend, then he fell from grace – and he did not know if she would forgive him
  • Jamal Abdillah & Fransesca Peter: Kehebatan Cinta (The Greatness of Love)- about two person expressing how great their love is for each other
  • Jay Jay- Cukuplah Sekali  (Once is Enough)- about a man who had wronged once and is asking her to put the past behind so that they can move forward to their future that they’ve dreamed off
  • Jay Jay: Rindu Bayangan (Missing a shadow)- the singer try to tell himself not to be  mising someone who does not love back
  • Jay Jay & Dayangku Intan: Kita Insan Biasa (We are normal human beings)- about a woman who confess her transgressions from her younger days and asking if the man would accept her
  • Kenny, Remy & Martin- Suratan Atau Kebetulan (Fate or Coincidence)
  • Khairool Idhan- Aku Yang Kau Panggil Sayang (I whom you call your love)
  • Kris: Tiara about a young man who fell in love with a girl above his status. In the video, he went into crime and was put behind bars
  • Metropolitan: Disebalik Rahsia Cinta (Behind the Secret of Love)
  • Nadia: Salam Untuk Kekasih (Regards for my lover)- it is a goodbye song sang by a woman who had to part with the person she love due to changes of circumstances
  • Rahim Maarof- Cinta Kristal (Crystal Love)- spoke of the attraction a man but the combination of the choice of words and the purring rock tone it is sang made this song unforgetable
  • Rahim Maarof- Redha (Accept or Surrender)- a woman left a man due to a hasty decision and later regret it- but he advised her to accept fate and let the past love go (even though he still misses her)
  • Rahim Maarof- Jangan Kau Rayu (Don’t you beg)
  • Rahim Maarof- Lirik Usang (Old)
  • Search: Isabella a song that speaks of love from two different world and status
  • Siti Nurhaliza- Jerat Percintaan  (The Trap of Love)
  • Slam- Jika Kau Rasa Getarnya (If you feel the trembling) – a song expressing how much he loved the girl (in a poetic way)
  • Spring: Butakah Cinta   (Is love blind?)- is love blind? Why he still choose to love her even though repeatedly hurt by her
  • Spring: Romantis  (Romantic)- about a man who still loved the girl who broke his heart
  • Sudirman: Salam Terakhir (Final Regards), Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini (Who this girl belonged to), Merisik Khabar
  • Umbrella: Ramalanku Benar Belaka (My Prediction Came True) after they had gone through so much, his love left him for another person
  • Wann: Aku Dalam Teka Teki   ( I am in a Riddle) – a song about a person who had seen and gone thorugh so much but have yet to find what she is looking for

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