Halloween deco at Cold Storage

Various Halloween decorations sold everywhere

Halloween falls on 31 October each year.  Many places are already selling Halloween decorations. Last year, I have written about ...
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Nice ambiance at a cafe in Taipan USJ- nice coffee too, Rach Desserts

Why Malaysia is a great haven for Digital Nomads

I have been reading some discussions and experience of digital nomads travelling to Malaysia. Overall, there seemed to be some ...
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Suci Dalam Debu (Pure in Dust) by the late Saleem from Iklim

I am greeted with the sad news today that Saleem, the head singer of the Iklim group, passed away on ...
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Kah Lui Ping (wedding biscuits)

Kah lui peng (Chinese wedding biscuits)

In Chinese wedding tradition, kah pui ping is being distributed by the soon-to-be bride's family when they are sending wedding ...
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Deepavali cookies in PJ Old Town

Where to buy Deepavali cookies in Petaling Jaya

Tucked in the Taman Selera food court in Petaling Jaya Old Town, is a shop that you can explore in ...
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McDonalds Menu in KLIA

McDonalds Menu in KLIA airport

McDonalds at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is usually crowded with customers during the day time. In the past prior ...
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