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All these years, I have written about various physical shops that I have visited.  Todate, I have never received any compensation (monetary or otherwise) even though some of these merchants’ business have thrived because I wrote about them. Neither had I requested any compensation from them.  In fact, most of these merchants do not even know my identity because I am quite a low profile person in real life. I tend to observe,  and write in a blog post if the inspiration comes to me.

My main objective is to help my visitors who may be looking for the same products, items, food and services that I may have come across.

However, still have bills to pay and at the very least, have to cover for my hosting fee. Hence, this site supports itself based on 3rd party advertisers and affiliates.

I like what the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) mandates US site owners to post a full disclosure especially if they are carrying affiliate links. Even though it is not a requirement here, I want to be transparent and upfront to you, my valued readers.



Some of the posts in this site may contain affiliate links in which you may view at no cost to you.  If you click on an affiliate link and visit the site, a cookie (not the edible type) may be set in your web browser that will cause me to receive compensation if you make a purchase.

Shopee MY is the affiliate merchant that I feature the most in this site because I was able to find a lot of items at a competitive price and more options/choices compared to shops that I have visited. I’ve written more in depth about Shopee MY in this page.

Having said that, I would not simply include links or put up an affiliate just because it pays well. My writing style never change…. I continue to write sincerely and within what I believe in.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

I am also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.


The advertisement varies from time and the geographical location in which the reader are accessing this site from. When the reader clicks on the advertising link, the reader would be brought to 3rd party websites in which despite my best effort to ensure it is beneficial, the website content may have changed.

This site is not responsible for the contents of any third party web pages linked, advertised or referenced in this site. You are welcomed to follow the links and visit the various websites and determine for what the other site has is right for you.

Should you have any concerns or require further clarification, please leave me a comment below (your comment would not be published).

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