Wat Chetawan, Petaling Jaya (Thai Buddhist temple)

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Wat Chetawan(วัดพุทธไทยเชตวัน)  is a temple located at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. The temple has many activities- there is daily morning Pali chanting (6.30am) and evening chanting (7pm) at the main shrine hall. Note: I only have activities dated in 2019. To view upcoming activities, please refer to Wat Chetawan’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/watchetawantemple/. Please note [...]

Poh Lum Buddhist Temple in Jalan Gasing

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There is a Buddhist nunnery located at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. Do note that Poh Lum temple is generally not opened to the public on usual days. However, during major Buddhist festivals like Wesak Day, Guan Yin Boddhisatva days, there are free vegetarian lunch being served (note: it may change due to the pandemic) Poh [...]

Ching Swee Temple in Genting Highlands

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I have always known that there is a temple on the way up to Genting Highlands but I have no idea that the temple is so beautiful. How to get to the temple: 1. When you reach Genting Highlands, there is a periodical feeder bus that takes people from the entrance of Highlands hotel to [...]

Sau Seng Lum Temple in PJ Old Town

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Sau Seng Lum temple is located in Petaling Jaya Old Town: 7, Jalan 5, Section 1 46000 Petaling Jaya Selangor Website: www.sausenglum.com.my Temple opens daily from 9 am to 5pm (include Sunday and Public Holidays) Note: There are vegetarian food served on the new moon and full moon of the Chinese lunar calendar. According to [...]

Burmese Temple in Penang

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Opposite the Thai Temple in Burmah Lane, you can find a huge Burmese temple: At the entrance, you can see a building on the right side of the photo. That is where the tall Standing Buddha, in a post subdoing Mara is located. Be sure to go to the back of the Buddha statue- where [...]

Beautiful Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

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Kek Lok Si is a very popular destination for those visiting Penang. During Chinese New Year, the latern and light decorations are breathtaking when you are going there at night during the Chinese New Year. Note that the usual opening hours of Kek Lok Si temple is from 8.30am to 5.30pm. For Chinese New Year [...]

Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur

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Thean Hou Temple is located near Robinson Heights- not far from Mid Valley. How to get there: As the temple is located on top of a steep hill, there is no specific public transport stopping there. You can take a cab from areas near Mid Valley (honestly, it may be a bit hard to grab [...]

Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

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Buddhist Maha Vihara is located in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. From KL Sentral station (housing Komuter, ERL, LRT and with a Monorail station nearby), you can walk there but it would take about 15 to 20 minutes. If you are carrying luggage, the walk is a bit too far. Contact Details (updated in 2022):   Address: Buddhist [...]