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Air Asia- luggage check-in and hand carry

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How to add luggage kilo or baggage allowance after you have purchased your Air Asia ticket

Note: Air Asia in Malaysia now operates from KLIA2 and no longer LCCT.  In the past, when we travel with Air Asia, we need not pay for luggage as we are automatically allowed up to 15kg of check in luggage and up to 7kg of hand luggage. But now, Air Asia has charged an additional [...]

Craft & Festive Supply Shop in PJ and KL

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If you want to get craft supplies and festive decorations, you can consider going to a supplier shop in PJ Old Town called Sin Wah. It is located next to McDonalds at PJ Old Town, opposite Watsons. You can get to Old Town via Rapid KL bus no. U66 that stops at the Jalan Othman [...]