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Snack food wholesaler in Petaling Jaya

CNY, Food and Drinks, Popular

If you want to buy snack food, candies, biscuits, chocolates, kacang putih, preserved and pickled food (jeruk), crisps, etc, you can buy from a snack and light food wholesaler and supplier instead of from department stores or hypermarkets. Note: Do check out another snack supplier also located nearby. The price from these suppliers are usually [...]

Flower Supplier from Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, Craft & Creative Supplies, Popular

Most flowers sold around Malaysia- from the flower suppliers, stores, markets and florists are sourced from Cameron Highlands. For example, a huge lorry will arrive the the flower supplier in Petaling Street few times a week to delivery boxes and boxes of packed flowers. I came across one flower supplier located in Tringkap, Camerons Highlands. The [...]

Where to Find Scholl Outlets in Malaysia

Branches, Popular, Shopping

Below are the listing of Scholl outlets in Malaysia: Scholl came out with the newest series for arch support. It provides a soft bed that gives comfort to flat feet and fallen arches. For those who are looking for the outlets and the contact number, it is as follows: The outlets are as follows: Note: [...]

Lirik Isabella by Search (English translation)

Music, Popular

Below is my attempt to translate the lyrics of  the song Isabella sang by Search. The song was a hit song back in the 80s, with a movie made to illustrate the story (starring Amy from Search and Julia Rais). If my memory still did not fail me- the movie tells of  a rich man’s daughter fell in [...]

Trishaw or Beca rides in Malacca town

Exploration, Malacca, Popular

Trishaws or becas can still be seen in Malacca town, but the trishaws now are tourist driven and beautifully decorated: The cost of the ride is RM40 per hour- each trishaw can sit by 2 average weight adult with probably a child. And there is a clear signboard located near Jonkers street entrance and the [...]