Fell sick with fever after working on my garden | Strange experience


I do not know if the story below has other logical explanation but this was experienced personally by me. When I was still working in the corporate world, I sometimes would start certain tasks in my home. For example, decluttering exercises which I dispose/donate/give away stuff, organizing items and keeping them from dust and bugs [...]

Protection against black magic, witchcraft and spirit possession


Black magic is essentially a form of spirit possession except it is more targeted, ie a spirit is invoked to possess a particular person and perform certain tasks. However, people who are spiritually strong, and/or kind hearted generally do not get affected by black magic that easily as there would be strong light in their [...]

Feng Shui can help but is NOT everything

Health, Paranormal

Over the past few decades there have been a huge commercialization centered around the art of feng shui. Items that are said to improve feng shui are sold at exorbitant prices, then there are various books on this topic more that an average person could read. One can also attend seminars costing thousands of ringgit [...]

The spirit of my unborn brother

Article related to Buddhism, Paranormal

Abortion, regardless of the reason is being done, would produce heavy kammic consequence for the mother, father, the doctor who perform it as well as others who help in the process (eg those who encourage or help provide money, transport to the abortion clinic) . The effects cannot be seen immediately but would require at [...]

Do the dead come back to visit their family on the 7th day?


It is a belief passed down from Chinese customs that on the 7th day after the passing of the person, they would be brought back by underworld officials (in chains) to visit their family members. During the funeral, the Taoist master would calculate the exact date (as on some occassions it may not fall on [...]

A story of love black magic (sihir pengasih)


Love magic (sihir kasih) is a form of black magic that is performed to make someone fall in love with the person. I know of a true story of someone who got cast with a love spell and it took her 10 years before the issue could be completely resolved. However, the ending of this [...]

When the house you live in is haunted


Yesterday was the Hungry Ghost festival day (14th day of the 7th Chinese lunar month). I thought about writing on what to do if one discover that the place one live in is or possibly could be haunted. This is through my own experience, as well as people I know who share with me their [...]