Twisting of the intenstines/ bowels (Volvulus) due to spirit disturbance

Health, Paranormal
Volvulus Twisted bowels

In my life, I have known of 2 cases of persons suffering from volvulus or twisted intestines/ bowels. Basically they develop bloating of the stomach, followed by severe unbearable pains. When they got themselves checked at the doctors, the doctors mentioned that for some unknown reasons, their intestines/ bowels seemed to have twisted together. The [...]

Why using sorcery to increase commision and sales is not worth it


In the article, I wish to share to talk about dark practices using sorcery and magick in order to gain favours in jobs/ businesses, etc. Does these practices exist? I believe it does exist all over the world, not only Malaysia. But since this incident happen in Malaysia, I want to share in this blog [...]

Hungry Ghost month prayer offerings, performance and collection

Hungry Ghost offering collection

When I was very young, we would go with my grandaunt to watch Chinese operas that are set up during the Hungry Ghost month  (the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar). My grandaunt, born in the late 19th century would of course love to watch Chinese opera shows. By the time I am in [...]

Affordable Buddhist Funeral Services in Malaysia


Chinese funerals in Malaysia are very expensive and now getting a little commercialized. For Buddhist, I want to introduce to you a more affordable option  at the end of this article so that you need not go through what I have gone through. It is a taboo subject but it still need to be written…in fact [...]

Ching Meng- remembering the departed


Ching Meng or the Chinese’s All Souls Day will fall on 4 April this year. As it is on a weekday, most people would visit their departed relatives on the preceding one or two weeks after. This is the practice of the Chinese culture. One of the practices is to burn offerings made of paper to [...]