New Year… new resolutions, plans and goals?


It is now the last day of the year. Tomorrow marks the starting of yet another new year. Here are some reflections that I would like to share because this is what I and those around me go through each year: Yearly bonus Many companies would declare the yearly bonus around beginning of January. In [...]

Where to buy traditional Indian calendar in Petaling Jaya

Traditional Indian calendar

Towards the end of each year, we would be on the lookout for the next year’s calendar. When I visited Kavitha’s that sells Indian food in Taman Selera PJ Old Town, I noticed they also sell traditional Indian calendar for 2019 called the Anjali calendar which costs only RM5. It mentioned that the Anjali Calendar [...]

Planners and journals sold at Mr D.I.Y

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Mr DIY planners and notebook

You would be amazed at the variety of designs of their notebooks, journals and planners if you visit any of the larger Mr D.I.Y store. I love to check out their designs as I find the price of their planners are very affordable. I noticed they have this new A4 size planners- each one came [...]

Monthly Planner: MrDIY vs UniPaper

Monthly spread planner from Daiso and Uni Paper (sold in bookstores)

This year, I bought 2 planners- from Daiso and Uni Paper (sold by Popular). In this article, I would like to do a comparison between both the planners. But first, why would we want a monthly spread planner? Why not an organizer, a notebook or a diary? I can only speak from my personal experience. [...]

Kaison- love their functional table calendars

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Table calendars sold at Kaison Malaysia

Personally I really love the table calendars sold in Kaison. Two years ago, a friend gave me a calendar from Kaison which I really love and used often. Last year, I went to Kaison to source for the calendar– which arrived a little late… almost end of November . This year, I was there twice [...]

Chinese Auspicious Dates and Timing (in Mandarin) for 2018

Chinese auspicious date and timing for tasks for 2018

Below are a schedule for Chinese auspicious dates and timing for the year 2018 which includes: what time to start prayers for CNY general auspicious dates for the entire year divided based on Chinese lunar month Click on the image to enlarge the file: Page 1: Page 2: These information sheets are generally handled out [...]