KFC Menu in Malaysia | 2019


Below is the KFC regular menu- the kind you would get when you visit their outlets during regular hours (after breakfast and before midnight). Do note that menu may vary from one outlet to another. Update: The menu is updated as of July 2019 (click on the menu image if you wish to enlarge): Overall [...]

Domino Pizza Menu Malaysia

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In my office previously, we used to order Domino pizza for our working lunches and department functions. Few times we ordered Domino pizza for our entire department consisting of almost 200 staff. Their pizza price is relatively affordable and there are many pizza flavours and type to choose from. I noticed many Domino outlets located [...]

McDonalds Menu in KLIA airport

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McDonalds at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is usually crowded with customers during the day time. In the past prior to boarding at KLIA, I would usually have my meals at either McDonalds or Secret Recipe. Of course, the meals from McDonalds in KLIA understandably will cost more compared to normal McDonalds outlets. However, I [...]

Baker’s Cottage Food- Value Meal Menu

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Baker’s Cottage have been quite innovative. Originally selling cakes, bread and pastries, they have added mooncake in the mix. And few months ago, they started to introduce meal sets- mainly chicken rice in their mix. Note: This may not be available in all their outlets. If they do provide additional meal offers, they would usually [...]

McDonalds Breakfast Menu

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Different McDonalds outlets have different operating hours. If you are going to the one that is opened 24 hours, you would be able to obtain your McDonalds breakfast menu from 4am to 10am. Update: Do note that effective 1 September 2018, a 6% service tax would be chargeable to the menu prices (they mentioned to [...]

Tealive Menu and Customer Service number

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Updated: Tealive menu taken in November 2018: Below is the Tealive menu and pricing of the drinks. You may click to enlarge the menu. The menu is taken as of May 2018 (so prices should be cheaper now): How I started with Tealive I started becoming a fan of Tealive since the time they started [...]

Kenny Rogers Roasters Food menu in Malaysia

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Kenny Rogers Roaster Menu Malaysia

Recently I enjoyed a simple meal from Kenny Roger’s Roasters – which is more expensive than fastfood but is more healthy. Always indecisive when it comes to so many choices…. I took pictures of their menu so that it may help when I want to check before hand on what to eat: Note: Picture taken [...]

Secret Recipe Malaysia Menu and Price

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When in KLIA, almost certainly I would arrive early and have my meal at the Secret Recipe there. There is a Secret Recipe outlet near one of my previous company so from time to time we would have our meals there to destress. While ordering at Secret Recipe, I have managed to take a photo [...]

McDonalds Malaysia Menu, Price and Calorie Contents

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Below is a photo of the McDonalds menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages. This menu is updated @ July 2018 and the menu price is the new pricing without the GST.  Update: Do note that effective 1 September 2018, a 6% service tax would be chargeable to the menu prices (they mentioned to contact customer [...]