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Please, please have your child vaccinated


While doing some research, I was surprised that the Malaysian government do not make it compulsory for vaccination in Malaysia. an increasing segment of parents in Malaysia have chosen not to have their children vaccinated. Please, if you love your child, please have your child vaccinated even though it is no longer compulsory to do [...]

Twisting of the intenstines/ bowels (Volvulus) due to spirit disturbance

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Volvulus Twisted bowels

In my life, I have known of 2 cases of persons suffering from volvulus or twisted intestines/ bowels. Basically they develop bloating of the stomach, followed by severe unbearable pains. When they got themselves checked at the doctors, the doctors mentioned that for some unknown reasons, their intestines/ bowels seemed to have twisted together. The [...]

After STROKE: Treatment to do to prevent recurrance


I lost my dad to stroke so this topic is something close to my heart. When he got his first stroke, his recovery was apparently 100%. Basically he walked out from the hospital looking totally fine. Few years later, a second stroke claimed his life. He went into a coma and subsequently passed away. Last [...]

Change of direction for this blog- towards healing and spirituality


This blog was started in 2009 when I decided to focus on posts related to Malaysia in a single blog. Mostly I post articles about discovery of suppliers and shops. These articles were well received. In 2017, I have resigned from my corporate job and become a full time caregiver. My priorities have changed and [...]

Treatment for chronic pain and ailments in Malaysia


When I was in the corporate world, many of my colleagues suffered from chronic pain and ailments. There are conditions ranging from lower back pain (very common), shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, numbness and recurring flus/sinus/fever. In the two companies I worked in, the newbies we hired were healthy when they first joined out company. Fast [...]

Wan Seng Acupuncture in Jalan Gasing

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Wan Seng Acupuncture in Jalan Gasing Petaling Jaya

Wan Seng Acupuncture was first recommended to me by one of my neighbors who are their loyal customer. It offers affordable and effective acupuncture treatment to all ….where you would see Malay, Indian, Chinese and other races patiently waiting for their treatment in the clinic. Their opening hours are as per below: Pusat Akupunktur | [...]

Where to buy wheelchairs, commode, elderly & children aids

Maycare Medical Equipment supplier

My mother is not so mobile and requires mobility aids like a wheelchair and walker in order to move around. I remembered how panicky I was last year when I had to rush around to search for these and buy the best items for her. The shop I would like to recommend is Maycare (Malaysian Healthcare [...]

Maycare Medical Supplies Malaysia- Address, Tel and Operating Hours

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Maycare Medical Equipment supplier

Maycare (Malaysian Healthcare Sdn Bhd 218267-K) is a company that supplies medical equipments and products to hospitals as well as directly to end users. The range covers from speciality beds, mattress, exercise rehabilitation equipment, mobility equipments (wheelchair, walker, walking cane), paediatric (children) mobility to medical disposable items like masks, disinfectants, gloves, etc. When you need to [...]

Chiropractor & TCM treatment for pain and after stroke

Dr Lo OUG chiro name card

Chiropractor treatment can help with all sorts of pain treatment such as back pain, scoliosis, bow leg, hunched back and even period/menstrual pain. In this article, I would share the experience I go through and why I chose to go to alternative treatments (preferring chiropractor adjustments) even though in the past my company’s medical benefits would [...]

Veterinary Clinic with Acupuncture & TCM Treatment in PJ

vet clinic PJ thank you note

I recently discovered there is a veterinary clinic in Malaysia that can prescribe acupuncture and TCM treatment. Such treatments are especially effective if your pet has mobility issue or suffered paralysis in which conventional treatment failed to work. Acupuncture treatment is very effective for humans with pain. Hence it is not surprising for animals. I [...]