Tablets: Samsung tabs vs iPad-get the iPad


I am considering to buy a tablet as it is easier to type and browse the internet in it rather than using my Note 2. Don’t get me wrong- I love my Note 2 and it is handy when I am out and about. It can still fit into the pockets of some of my [...]

Where to service your phone in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur


I have shared in a previous post published in another blog how the 6 metal legs holding in SIM in my Blackberry phone were broken after a stuck SIM card was forcibly pulled out. Afterwhich, I made the decision to buy myself a Samsung Note 2.. Anyway back to the topic….if the metal legs holding [...]

iPhone, iPad and Tablet casings and covers

Creative, Gadgets

The night market and kiosks located in shopping complexes are quite to catch up with the latest trends. iPhone, Samsung, Android, iPad and Samsung tablet covers can be found when you visit night markets or kiosks located at shopping mall- like in Sungai Wang. The designs are more creative and affordable- you can choose to [...]

Flash drive, pendrive and thumbdrive deals


Requiring a pen drive to thumb lots of photos- I know I would need to get at least 16GB. And I know if the price would be cheapest either from PIKOM PC Fair, Low Yat or Digital Mall. I opted for Digital Mall and noted some thumbdrive of brands Toshiba, Sandisk and Kingston are on [...]

Digital Mall in Petaling Jaya

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It’s year end and Digital Mall in Section 14 Petaling Jaya is having quite a number of offers especially on digital cameras and video cams.  I believe similar centers at Low Yatt Plaza in Kuala Lumpur would be holding lots of offers on cameras, iPad, mobile phones.