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Rach Dessert- little nice cozy cafe in USJ Taipan

Food and Drinks

My friend introduced me to Rach cafe once when we meet up in USJ Taipan. After going to the cafe once, I like the environment and have requested to meet there instead of other places. Rach Dessert & Ice Cream is a junior cafe under “The Carpenter’s Daughter” which is located just two doors away.  [...]

Wong Kok Cha Char Teng restaurant

Food and Drinks, Selangor

I remember when Wong Kok Cha Char Teng (旺角茶餐厅) first opened in SS2, it was really popular and packed.  Wong Kok basically serve Hong Kong based food (non halal). It is a place that we have had our reunions in and later, my family often visiting Wong Kok. Reason is because it serves a mixture [...]

Kwong Wah Ice Kacang in Section 17 Petaling Jaya

Food and Drinks, Selangor

If you are able to offer delicious tasting food, drinks or desserts, you would have people flocking to your store even though it is not located in a well known area or a popular shopping complex. One such place is Kwong Wah which serves delicious ice kacang and cendol. Kwong Wah is located in a [...]

Carpenter’s Daughter- cozy cafe in USJ Taipan

Food and Drinks, Selangor

We visited Carpenter’s Daughter to have our lunch on one of the weekends. The setting is quite cozy and the cafe is not crowded. We have previously visited the Rach Cafe which is two doors away and I understand is owned by the same owner. But Rach Cafe is more of serving drinks, cakes, ice [...]

When eating outside is cheaper than cooking yourself

Food and Drinks
Mix rice stall dish

I have a confession to make- I have stopped cooking since a few months ago. Most of the days, I would cook the rice and then pack some dishes from the economy rice stalls. Reason why I buy food outside instead of cooking: 1. The dishes sold outside cost almost the same and sometimes cheaper [...]

Pineapple tarts maker in Petaling Jaya

Food and Drinks, Mooncake

During the last mooncake festival, I was gifted with pineapple mooncakes. I find this to be very creative because compared to traditional mooncakes, pineapple mooncakes are smaller and you do not feel too bloated after eating it due to the slightly sourish taste from the pineapple paste. The pineapple mooncake came in a simple box [...]

Domino Pizza Menu Malaysia

Food and Drinks, Menu

In my office previously, we used to order Domino pizza for our working lunches and department functions. Few times we ordered Domino pizza for our entire department consisting of almost 200 staff. Their pizza price is relatively affordable and there are many pizza flavours and type to choose from. I noticed many Domino outlets located [...]