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50 Popular Food Sold in Ramadhan Bazaars

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Muslims in Malaysia would begin their fasting (ibadah berpuasa) on 13 April 2021 this year. With the announcement of reopening of Ramadan bazaars, it is a time for us to rejoice. There would be various places designated for Ramadan bazaars around the country. In residential areas, typically some roads would be closed to make way [...]

Delicious Hiong Piah biscuits from Gunung Rapat, Perak

Food and Drinks
Hiong Piah from Gunung Rapat

When my friend goes back her hometown in Taiping, she would stop by on her way back to buy some hiong piah (heong peah) biscuits for me and my family. Hiong piah is a type of biscuit baked using traditional charbroil method. In the past, this biscuits contains lard (pork oil) as part of their [...]

Lavender Bakery locations and telephone number

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Lavender Bakery sells mainly bread, cakes, pastries and cookies. Around mooncake festival, they also sell mooncakes. Their mooncake may be a little on the expensive side but is delicious. Most of their bakeries are located in shopping complexes such as One Utama and Mid Valley. Their pricing is not the cheapest but their bread and [...]

Grandeur Gallery Cafe in Kota Kemuning

Food and Drinks, Selangor

There is really a number of nice cafe to explore in the Klang Valley. One of them is the Grandeur cafe located in Kota Kemuning (behind the KFC, Tealive and AmBank area). My friend who is staying in Kota Kemuning brought me to check out the cafe. Grandeur is located on the first floor of [...]

Rach Dessert- little nice cozy cafe in USJ Taipan

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My friend introduced me to Rach cafe once when we meet up in USJ Taipan. After going to the cafe once, I like the environment and have requested to meet there instead of other places. Rach Dessert & Ice Cream is a junior cafe under “The Carpenter’s Daughter” which is located just two doors away.  [...]

Wong Kok Cha Char Teng restaurant

Food and Drinks, Selangor

I remember when Wong Kok Cha Char Teng (旺角茶餐厅) first opened in SS2, it was really popular and packed.  Wong Kok basically serve Hong Kong based food (non halal). It is a place that we have had our reunions in and later, my family often visiting Wong Kok. Reason is because it serves a mixture [...]

Kwong Wah Ice Kacang in Section 17 Petaling Jaya

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If you are able to offer delicious tasting food, drinks or desserts, you would have people flocking to your store even though it is not located in a well known area or a popular shopping complex. One such place is Kwong Wah which serves delicious ice kacang and cendol. Kwong Wah is located in a [...]

Carpenter’s Daughter- cozy cafe in USJ Taipan

Food and Drinks, Selangor

We visited Carpenter’s Daughter to have our lunch on one of the weekends. The setting is quite cozy and the cafe is not crowded. We have previously visited the Rach Cafe which is two doors away and I understand is owned by the same owner. But Rach Cafe is more of serving drinks, cakes, ice [...]