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Domino Pizza Menu in Malaysia

Domino Pizza Menu Malaysia

In my office previously, we used to order Domino pizza for our working lunches and department functions. Few times we ...
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Kavitha's PJ Old Town - Indian Food

Where to find Indian food (including vegetarian) in Petaling Jaya

Tucked inside the Taman Selera food court located next to the PJ Old Town market in Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, ...
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McDonalds Menu in KLIA

McDonalds Menu in KLIA airport

McDonalds at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is usually crowded with customers during the day time. In the past prior ...
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Baker's cottage

Baker’s Cottage Food- Value Meal Menu

Baker's Cottage have been quite innovative. Originally selling cakes, bread and pastries, they have added mooncake in the mix. And ...
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McDonalds Breakfast Menu

McDonalds Breakfast Menu

Different McDonalds outlets have different operating hours. If you are going to the one that is opened 24 hours, you ...
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Tealive Menu November 2018

Tealive Menu and Customer Service number

Updated: Tealive menu taken in November 2018: Below is the Tealive menu and pricing of the drinks. You may click ...
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Family Mart 24 hours food and drinks

Family Mart- food and drinks …some 24 hours a day

I have always wished that the 7 Eleven in Malaysia are like those in Thailand where you can really find ...
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Kenny Rogers Roaster Menu Malaysia

Kenny Rogers Roasters Food menu in Malaysia

Recently I enjoyed a simple meal from Kenny Roger's Roasters - which is more expensive than fastfood but is more ...
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Secret Recipe Malaysia Menu

Secret Recipe Malaysia Menu and Price

When in KLIA, almost certainly I would arrive early and have my meal at the Secret Recipe there. There is ...
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Longevity Cake by Australian Cake House

Beautiful Chinese Custom Cakes: Longevity and Auspicious Wishes

I am so inspired after viewing the Australian Confectionery's Facebook page where they feature the most beautiful custom made Chinese ...
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