Using MCO/CNY to work on goals/ personal projects

Finance, MCO

The Chinese New Year celebration would be a quiet one due to the alarming rate of Covid19 cases hitting Malaysia. Perhaps you may find, for the first time in your life that your celebration would be quiet since you are not able to go back to your hometown. You may start to feel a little [...]

Minimize the bank accounts you have to manage your finance better


You would be able to manage your finance and save money if you have the least bank accounts as possible. Many people I know tend to end up with at least 5 different bank accounts (savings or current) from different banks. In the past, people end up opening bank accounts because of salary crediting, loans [...]

Receiving money via Western Union agents in Malaysia


I have written about ways that Malaysians who are stranded overseas is able to receive money in my previous article, . How about if you are a foreigner who is currently in Malaysia (and even Singapore) and unable to return? In my opinion, the best (cost efficient) and fastest way for a foreigner to receive [...]

How to send money to Malaysians stranded overseas


Due to international travel restrictions being enforced worldwide, many Malaysians are still not able to return back to Malaysia. Some who are studying or working overseas with valid visa/permit who scheduled travel back have to cancel their plans. This also caused many to be stranded overseas with money quickly running out. What is the best [...]

Should you upgrade to a new car or keep your old one?

KLIA parking bays

Lately I am contemplating about writing more serious articles rather than the usual discoveries about places in Malaysia. I wanted to write this article to speak about my own experience and also to give you some fuel for thought in case you are considering to ‘upgrade’ to a new car. Everyone has a different take [...]

Is it really necessary to send your kids overseas to study?


I am writing this article in the context of Malaysian parents who are thinking of sending their child/children to pursue their education overseas. Reason why I wanted to write this is because I am seeing many of my colleagues and friends who are now parents mostly are planning for their children’s overseas education. In order [...]