Chinese lunar calendar full moon and new moon dates

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Chinese auspicious date and timing for tasks for 2018

Below are Chinese calendar dates for full moon, new moon as well as some specific dates from July 2018 to December 2018. Some Chinese persons would observe vegetarian diets on full moon, new moon and on Guan Yin days. In fact, I have been observing vegetarian diet on best effort basis on full moon and [...]

Raya baju kurung very cheap after raya-buy and keep for next year

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Department stores like AEON (formerly Jaya Jusco) are having massive discounts for their Raya baju kurung …up to 70%. If you are not fussy about fashion and is willing to year previous fashion, the best time to buy festive clothes is after the festival itself….for next year. Imagine…the baju kurung that was priced RM159 is [...]

Hari Raya wishes, poems and messages in Malay- V

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Selamat Hari Raya- Ramadhan Menyemai Keinsafan Syawal Memugar Ketakwaan. Herein are Hari Raya Aidilfitri wishes in Bahasa Melayu as published in major papers. Some of the wishes are meaningful and hence I would like to include them here. For some advertisements, there are the English version as well, published earlier today. View the complete compilation [...]

Hari Raya wishes, poems and messages IV

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Here’s wishing all Malaysians SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI RAYA AILDILFITRI. Have discovered many meaningful wishes in English in the papers….the advertisers are very creative and some of the wishes are very meaningful. Some of the advertisement featured also showcase the Malaysian kampung lifestyle. View the complete compilation of Raya messages here. From Maybank:  Every year, many give [...]

Hari Raya Sales and Offers Nationwide

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AEON Big raya sale

One of the best time for shopping for good deals for clothes, groceries, kitchen items, electricals …..is starting from the fasting month (Bulan Ramadhan) leading on towards Raya. As a Malaysian, one of the things I love is to get to participate in festive celebrations and also during the sales. All you need is to buy [...]

Songkran (Thai New Year) at Wat Chetawan


Every year, Wat Chetawan at Jalan Gasing  Petaling Jaya allow visitors to celebrate Songkran -the Thai New Year at the vicinity of the temple. It would start after lunch on Sunday, 14 April 2013. Generally the temple itself does not formally hold such event. That is why it is not part of its listed activities. [...]

Christmas Decorations sold in Daiso Malaysia

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Daiso outlets in Malaysia are already selling Christmas decorations. Update: As of end of October 2018, Daiso have already started selling Christmas decorative items. Above are santa and reindeer hairbands- that thsoe with parties and costume themed days can wear…. just for fun. As per all items in Daiso, they RM5.90 each. Then above there [...]