Exploring some places in Malaysia:

Taman Aman Jogging and Exercise park in Petaling Jaya

Exploration, Health, Selangor
Taman Aman jogging and exercise park Petaling Jaya

Aside from Taman Jaya and Bukit Gasing trekking, Taman Aman is also quite a nice park located within the residential area next to the Sri Aman Girls secondary school. It is also within walking distance from the Paramount LRT station in Petaling Jaya. Early in the morning about 7am, there are tai chi classes being [...]

Bukit Gasing hill for jungle trekking in Petaling Jaya

Exploration, Selangor

Occasionally, I love to go into simple trekking inside the jungle. I used to go to Bukit Kiara in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Forest Research Institute Malaysia in Kepong. This is until a friend recommended Bukit Gasing hill to me- and it was the place I go to when I wanted to exercise in [...]

KL Monorail services to KL Sentral and Bukit Bintang


KL Monorail services cover a portion of KL town which is usually quite congested. If I wish to go to Bukit Bintang area to visit the shopping complex, I almost never drive because: parking is very expensive hard to find parking massive jam to reach there Usually I would access to KL monorail via KL [...]

How to obtain international driving license from JPJ Malaysia

JPJ office in PJ State

This article applies for a Malaysian holding a valid driving license (issued in Malaysia) and wishes to obtain an international driving license in order to drive overseas from JPJ office in Malaysia. Purpose of an international driving license: A standard document translated in major languages to enable you to drive in certain countries round the [...]

Integrated Railway Map KTM, LRT, MRT & ERL for Klang Valley

Integrated map Peta KTM, LRT, MRT & ERL for Klang Valley

The following is the integrated map for the major railways plying various locations in the Klang Valley (KL and Selangor). Please click to enlarge the map: It consists of railway services of the following channels: The available rail lines are: 1. KTM Laluan Seremban (KTM Seremban Line) 2. KTM Laluan Pelabuan Klang (KTM Port Klang [...]

Disabled friendly road trips experience in Malaysia


Recently I have been making frequent road trips with my mom, who is not so mobile and require a wheelchair to move around. I’ve had some learning experiences that I wish to share in this article. This applies to those who faces mobility issues (they could still get up) but requires a wheelchair due to [...]

Grab- a good alternative for travel


Grab is popular and legalized e-hailing services in Malaysia. Note: It has been announced that Uber would be selling its South East Asia operations to Grab…hence both companies would no longer be competing. Initially when Uber was not yet legalized in Malaysia, there were many negative reactions from taxi drivers….. so much so that once [...]