Mainly featuring my favourite shops: Daiso, Mr D.I.Y and Kaison:

Where to find budget pet care products

MrDIY pet products

For pet lovers with a budget, here are some places where you can find food, shampoo and supplies for your pet dogs and cats. Pet grooming, toys and food bowl at MrDIY MrDIY sells pet products that are imported from China. Since these items are imported in bulk, they are relatively inexpensive. Of course the [...]

Planners and journals sold at Mr D.I.Y

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Mr DIY planners and notebook

You would be amazed at the variety of designs of their notebooks, journals and planners if you visit any of the larger Mr D.I.Y store. I love to check out their designs as I find the price of their planners are very affordable. I noticed they have this new A4 size planners- each one came [...]

Kaison- love their functional table calendars

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Table calendars sold at Kaison Malaysia

Personally I really love the table calendars sold in Kaison. Two years ago, a friend gave me a calendar from Kaison which I really love and used often. Last year, I went to Kaison to source for the calendar– which arrived a little late… almost end of November . This year, I was there twice [...]

Scrapbook stickers, books and pens sold at Mr D.I.Y

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Sticker books sold at Mr DIY

If you love scrapbooking or just decorating your diary, planner and calendar, you can get some of your supplies from Mr D.I.Y at a relatively inexpensive price. I visit Mr D.I.Y often and find that they often add new items and designs to their selection. For example, sticker books: I just love the sticker books- [...]

Party Supply Items and Goodie Bags sold at Kaison

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Kaison Creative Party Supplies

If you wish to throw a party, you would be able to get party packs from Mr D.I.Y and a few shops in Petaling Street (KL Chinatown/ Jalan Sultan). However, if you want something more creative and not made from China, you can head on to Kaison to take a look: Below you have various [...]