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Kaison Creative Party Supplies

Party Supply Items and Goodie Bags sold at Kaison

If you wish to throw a party, you would be able to get party packs from Mr D.I.Y and a ...
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Kipas angin USB dalam kereta

DIY fan for your car below RM50 (kipas angin untuk kereta)

For the longest time, passengers who sat at the back of my car really suffered. Over the years, I have ...
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Kaison: Gift items, boxes, stickers, wrapping and decorative paper

Kaison: Gift items, boxes, stickers, wrapping and decorative paper

If you wish to buy gift wrap items in bulk, such as wrapping paper, gift paper bags and crepe paper, ...
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Mr DIY CNY deco shopping bag

CNY deco (affordable and inexpensive) sold at Mr DIY

From an earlier article written on CNY deco from MrDIY, there are more Chinese New Year decorations that have been ...
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MPH Sassy Calendar

MPH Sassy Calendar- very beautiful design

My friend just given me a calendar by MPH- the Sassy calendar and I am amazed with the beautiful design ...
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Longevity Cake by Australian Cake House

Beautiful Chinese Custom Cakes: Longevity and Auspicious Wishes

I am so inspired after viewing the Australian Confectionery's Facebook page where they feature the most beautiful custom made Chinese ...
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Caring Pharmacy 2018 free desktop calendar

The Caring Pharmacy Free Calendar 2018 (purchase of min RM80)

The Caring Pharmacy is giving away free 2018 desk calendar when you make purchases of minimum RM80 in a single ...
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My diary from MrDIY

My Planning Tools for next year- Diary, Planner and Calendar

In 2018, I plan to be more productive to juggle multiple roles effectively. It is no longer viable for me ...
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Uni planner follow your heart

Calendar and planner I bought as well as useful mobile app to plan your activities for next year

It is only during end of each year or beginning of the new year that calendars, diaries and planners are ...
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Kaison Christmas Deco

Kaison- good place to get Christmas decos and presents

I went to Kaison and am totally bawled over by the huge amount of Christmas decos available there. Note: As ...
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