Art classes for children and adults in Petaling Jaya

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Art can provide a therapeutic therapy to both adults and kids. Drawing is a good way to relax and destress for the stressed out working adult who have creative tendencies or for the young child to grow his/her creativity. In a blank canvas, you can allow your mind to grow and expand. You can express [...]

Cane Exercise Classes in Penang for your health & pain management

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The best things in life can be free. If you go around in certain parks, there are people who are conducting classes for free without any charges. It is a passionate desire to help others. Many of these exercises are helpful in healing, pain management and promoting better health. If you are staying in Penang, [...]

Thai class in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur

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Update: Mr Peter has set up a Facebook page to enable you to contact him directly. The class for 2018 will commence on 4 March 2018 (Sunday) at 10am at Wat Chetawan. Should you require more information, please contact Mr Peter at the facebook page above.   For 2015 Thai class for Beginners commences [...]

Where to buy Mooncake ingredients and supplies in KL or PJ

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The price of mooncakes is increasing each year.  More than RM10 just for a piece of mooncake. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people prefer to try making their own mooncakes. Question is where to get the supply? Let me share with you…. Our family have been making mooncake for years- not [...]

Cane Exercise classes in Penang


Cane exercise (the one from Taiwan) is a very effective exercise that you can practice on your own to help to improve circulation and chronic pain. I myself do it at home when I feel bodily discomfort. Announcement: In Penang, there would be a cane exercise demo by Master Yong – the main cane exercise [...]

Thai language classes and lessons in PJ and KL

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Update: Mr Peter has set up a Facebook page to enable you to contact him directly. Update: New intake for Thai language class for 2018 is on Sunday, 4 March 2018. Please contact Mr Peter’s facebook page above should you require more information. Venue: Wat Chetawan Petaling Jaya Time: 10am MY REVIEW OF THE [...]

Mooncake Festival & Jelly Mooncakes

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Tomorrow will be Mooncake Festival.  Here’s wishing everyone Happy Mooncake Festival tomorrow. Children would be playing tanglung, eating mooncake and pamelos. Some elders would be buying items to pray to deities and to the moon. Here there are stationery stores selling laterns or tanglung. This year, there are a lot of Angry Bird tanglungs- and [...]