Chinese Lunar Calendar 2022 (with full/ new moon days)- free download

I have prepared a calendar with Chinese Lunar months for the year 2022 (Water Tiger). The calendar is in pdf format and is available for download for free. The calendar contains dates in Chinese Lunar calendar and important Buddhist festivals to help in your planning. For example, some observe vegetarian diets on new moon, full moon and major Buddhist/Chinese festivals.

Please note:

  • The url of this page is included in the calendar as a reference so that can revisit this page as I plan to create calendar and other template downloads.
  • Designs may be change due to amendments and addition. For example, the calendar below is the 3rd version as I try my best to improvise the design (apologies as this is my first time doing the calendar for 2022)
  • The Nine Emperor Gods Festival- different sites have different dates. Here, I include the 1st to the 9th day of the 9th Lunar month based on the date of the vegetarian diet.


(new moon and full moon)


Hope this calendar would be useful for you. I also plan to include more calendar types for different function (example calendar with Buddhist observation dates, blank planner pages, etc). This is because I have different blogs on different theme and I would like to include customized calendar to help my main visitors.


1. Buddhist Observation (Uposatha) Days (visit page or DOWNLOAD HERE)

This calendar contains Buddhist observation dates practiced in Thailand (and by Theravada Buddhists) including important Buddhist days like Magha, Visakha and Asalha Puja.

2. Calendar 2022 with USA holidays and motivational messages (visit page or DOWNLOAD HERE)

3. Phone wallpaper.

Actually, the purple wallpaper is what I am currently using for my mobile phone.
If you like the design, click on the attachment to save it.

You feedback is appreciated: 

Currently the calendar contains the dates of the Chinese lunar calendar in English to assist those who follow certain Chinese observations and festivals. I design this because when I was observing a vegetarian diet, it was difficult for me to find a calendar that could provide me with the dates. In the calendar I have not included public holidays for Malaysia and Singapore.

However, if you wish to have additional elements included, please let me know in the comments section below (please scroll down the page to leave a comment). Thank you.

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