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Note: You would be lead to my Buy Me a Coffee page where you can download the pdf file from there (it’s free).


Purpose: It may be useful for those who are observing vegetarian diet during new moon and full moon of Chinese lunar month. Alternatively, you may VIEW CHINESE LUNAR CALENDAR FULL MOON/NEW MOON DATES FOR 2024and then record down the dates in your own calendar (physical or in an app)

Other calendar: Calendar with Buddhist Observation Dates (FREE)

I did prepare a calendar with Buddhist Observation Dates. This is a different from dates in the Chinese lunar month. This calendar contains Buddhist observation dates practiced in Thailand (and by Theravada Buddhists) including important Buddhist days like Magha, Visakha and Asalha Puja. You may click on the image below to download the calendar or go to the page that explains more about the observation dates.

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