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In Malaysia and Singapore, you can find many creative designs of Chinese New Year red packet or money packet, also known as ang pau. The designs are often creatively done and it is something that customers look forward to getting each year. Designs now have deviated from the traditional red packet – it now comes in other aupicious colours like yellow, pink and gold.

Originally these ang pau packets are distributed by banks, ie when it is nearing Chinese New Year, customers who are performing transactions over the counter would receive some ang pau with that year’s design. However other organizations have also started to design their own packets.

Over the years, I’ve taken pictures of many of these different ang pow packets. I thought of compiling some of these into videos as well as feature some designs that I find creative or beautiful as an image. Hopefully this page would be helpful for those looking for inspiration and ideas on ang pao packet designs.

Shorts videos I have published:






Some designs I really like (would be adding more later):

Click on the image to enlarge…

Above: Beautiful designs

Above: From Caring Pharmacy- single packet of ang paus have 2 different designs

ang pao creative design packet ang pao creative design packet ang pao creative design packet
ang pao creative design packet ang pao creative design packet ang pao creative design packet

Above: Pacific Light Singapore- a single packet comes in 5 different designs with CNY dinner theme. Very creatively done.

Above: OCBC Bank – single packet comes in 3 designs. Below is design from OCBC in another year where single packet also comes in 3 designs:


Above: From HSBC



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