Hi there…. I am Yin Teing from Malaysia. I am a blogger and a caregiver. I have started creating my first site since 2002 while I was holding a full time job. In 2017, I  resigned from a successful corporate job to be a caregiver and continue blogging.

How this blog got started and changes over the years.

I did not write travel related topics during the initial years of my blogging journey.  However that triggered me to write was due to an incident that had happened. In 2006, I was sent to an overseas branch of our company to do a presentation. A colleague was helpful and supportive. He also helped my boss a lot when she was posted there for about a month to learn up their processes and they become friends.

When he got married and chose Malaysia as his honeymoon destination in 2007, I was very honored and offered to take them out. But he did not wish to trouble us and signed up with a tour company. They came about 5 days and 4 nights. On the second half of their last day, it was free and easy so they accepted my offer to take them out.

I drove to their hotel and picked them up. They were not happy because up to that point they had been ripped by the tour company (it was an obscure and not reputable tour company). For example, they were taken to places where they did not enjoy but cost very cheap to the company, and when they visited KLCC, he had to pay extra for a photograph but was not given the photo. By then, I was not happy that these unscrupulous business had tarnished our country’s reputation.

We only have about half a day and I asked them what did they wish to do. They mentioned a little shopping before going back. I only have half a day to play with hence got to make best use of the time. We went to Sungai Wang in Bukit Bintang where there was many shops and my boss joined me there. His wife was happy to find some handbags and items there. We shopped and they tried some nyonya kuih and really loved it. For dinner, we walked to Jalan Alor and sat by the road side and ordered a lot of food.

Then we got into my boss’s car. My boss drove us all around the KL to see the night view. We got out at KLCC and they got a chance to take photo with the Petronas Twin Towers. Then we drove across the highways and went to see Sunway Pyramid’s night view. Finally as we dropped them off the hotel, he told us in half a day, they enjoyed much more than the entire duration of their tour.

This was in 2007 where tourists visited countries mostly on tour or Lonely Planet travel guide books. There were not much resources in the internet. Hence I thought about tourists who wish to come on their own and I posted an itinerary suggesting places they could visit.

Gradually I started adding articles that I feel could help- things that locals know that would be helpful for tourists. For example, almost every tourist would visit KLCC. For tourists who are vegetarians, they could walk further down to a temple to eat delicious and very cheap vegetarian lunch on weekdays.

With time, I started adding more content, sharing my experience and discoveries from a perspective of a Malaysian. For example I was an avid crafter and went around to look for craft supplies shop which I share, or my love for Malay rock ballads that led me to translate the lyrics of my favourite songs to English. I write about so much of topics that interests me- you can do a search, refer to the main categories or articles archive page.

Direction of this blog

A lot of things had changed since I started this blog in October 2009.  I was a very different person then and now.  Therefore,  the writing style and content also changed over the years. At first the blog started as to share information to tourists, but eventually to Malaysians as well. Various places, suppliers and discoveries.

In 2017, I resigned and become a full time caregiver for my mom who had liver cirrhosis and now, is on end stage Alzheimer’s. During the beginning stages of her Alzheimer’s, we used to drive around to discover new places where I write about some of them in this blog. These become memories that I really treasure.

And for more than 10 years, I have been researching on causes of illness from the emotional/ mind-body perspective. I have a separate blog where I write articles related to health and healing. In the process, I am also discovering  spiritual causes to illness. Actually a lot of symptoms explained by sufferers, if it had been told to an elder in Malaysia or Asia, that person would have been referred to seek alternative treatment. Most of them had seen doctors, run countless tests but doctors could not find what is wrong with them. Even if they could place a label on their condition, the treatments could not offer them any cure.

For example, volvulus or twisted intestines– I have heard 2 cases, one happening to a formal colleague where their intestines basically got twisted together. Doctors had no idea the cause, and only could treat the symptoms, ie perform an operation to untie the knots and remove parts of the intestines that had rotted. In both cases, the ladies already went for 1 operation and then problem came back, they were about to go for second operation when they also sought help from spiritual healers. And it was found the root cause was spiritual and problem solved- no need second operation.

That led to me to start writing about paranormal experiences that I or my friends had encountered. So some ghost stories but with lessons behind. I never tell these stories to scare people but to learn from it.

In October 2021, I find out about the late Master Lu Jun Hong of Guan Yin Citta and I am impressed with the way he could diagnose the karmic cause of incurable illnesses and offer a cure using spiritual practice. In fact, his method was what I have been searching for so many years. I believe it will be beneficial as now, the cure for many diseases could not be found. I have listed some case studies in my health blog which you can consider exploring.

Hopefully, the content of my site as well as in my other blogs would be of benefit and use to you. Take care.

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