Explanation of Chinese Practices for the Deceased (in Cantonese)

There is a YouTube channel that provides a clear explanation of Chinese practices, with explanation of the difference between Taiosm and Buddhist practices. The explanation is in Cantonese language (Chinese dialect most spoken in Hong Kong and some parts of Malaysia).  These videos would be useful for those who can understand Cantonese and wish to learn more about Chinese culture from a educational perspective (instead of the usual jump scare ghost stories).

This channel is very unique because the focus is not on telling ghost stories (which often we do not know is real or not), but it is on sharing of knowledge based on research across history and comparison with other cultures are also being made. These resources are often left untranslated in Chinese texts and literature, hence it is difficult for those who are interested to learn more, but are not able to because they cannot read Chinese (but they can understand Cantonese).

As Hungry Ghost month would start soon, hopefully these videos would provide informed knowledge. If you can understand spoken Cantonese (growing up watching Hong Kong TVB dramas) but cannot read Chinese, and want to learn about the practices that differenciates between Chinese culture, Buddhist and Taoism practices, these videos would be a very useful resource.

The creator is providing valuable well researched content which explain in detail the practices and beliefs passed down from previous generations. He provide explanation of the history of the practice and whether it is a Buddhist or Taoist practice.

Here are examples of some interesting videos:

Channel name: 金泉宏法 Gold Fountain



[Legends of the Netherworld] The terrifying reality record of hungry ghosts ⎟ Talking with ghosts ⎟ Yin and Yang eyes ⎟ Ancestors reporting dreams ⎟ Burning street clothes on July 14th ⎟ Stealing babies for food ⎟ Coprophagous ghosts ⎟ Complete list of ghost classifications ⎟ Vixen making enchantments ⎟



[Legends of the Netherworld] Travel Notes on the Eighteen Levels of Hell ⎟ Hook Root ⎟ Ancient Abnormal Torture ⎟ Ling Chi Execution ⎟ Live Dismemberment ⎟ Catholic Purgatory ⎟ Bible Apocrypha ⎟ Seven Deadly Sins ⎟ Mirror Stand ⎟ Gold and Silver Bridge ⎟ King of Hell ⎟ Abortion Retribution ⎟ Having a Mistress⎟ Sister-in-law Gou Yi⎟Fake Monk⎟Eternal Hell⎟Jinquan Hongfa

In the video above, he explanined various forms of hells based on different cultures and countries. Explanation on the Chinese hells, ie what goes on in each level and what caused the being to be punished there.

【幽冥傳說】 死於非命 七七四十九日⎟生雞招魂 破地獄⎟預知投胎去處⎟死亡身體徵兆⎟中陰身⎟孤魂野鬼⎟枉死 自殺 謀殺 交通意外⎟找替身⎟六道輪迴⎟金泉宏法

[Legends of the Netherworld] Dying unexpectedly on the 77th and 49th day⎟Chicken summoning souls and breaking through hell⎟Predicting the place of reincarnation⎟Physical signs of death⎟Bardo⎟Lonely ghosts⎟Death in vain Suicide Murder Traffic accident⎟Find a substitute⎟Six Paths of Reincarnation⎟Golden Spring Hongfa

This video provides an explanation on what happened to people dying unexpectedly

【幽冥傳說】 辟邪驅魔鬼上身 法事解構⎟ 天主教基督教驅魔⎟ 佛教咒語辟邪⎟ 鬼上身徵兆⎟ 惡魔等級⎟ 撒旦 邪靈⎟冤親債主⎟找替身⎟六道輪迴⎟金泉宏法

[Legends of the Netherworld] To ward off evil spirits and expel demons from the body. Deconstruction of rituals⎟ Catholic Christian exorcisms⎟ Buddhist spells to ward off evil spirits⎟ Signs of ghost possession⎟ Level of demons⎟ Satan evil spirits⎟ Enemies and creditors⎟ Looking for a substitute⎟ Six paths of reincarnation⎟ Jinquan Hongfa


If you find the topics interesting, do explore the playlist on various topics. Tip: Copy the title and paste into Google translate to see the content of the video.


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