Compilation of Meaningful Hari Kebangsaan/ Hari Malaysia Merdeka messages

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Here is a collection of meaningful and inspirational Merdeka/ Hari Kebangsaan/ Hari Malaysia quotes and messages from various companies in Malaysia. I’ve included the names of the companies, the year the message was published and the YouTube video link.

Hari Merdeka/ Hari Kebangsaan- falls on 31 August each year.

Hari Malaysia – falls on 16 September each year.

Note: In the past, I would obtain the messages from physical major newspapers. But now, most companies have moved on to publish these motivational messages, often accompanied by a short film and story that Malaysians can really relate to. I’ve linked the original video source in each of these messages, and did some graphics on my own to emphasize the messages of peace and unity in our beloved country:

Taylor’s University 2022 (video source)

Progress starts with us, through our little ways every day
A Nation’s tomorrow begins with its Education today.
Education Today
Empower Tomorrow
Selamat Hari Kebangsaan
Selamat Hari Malaysia


Taylor’s University 2023 (video source)

Malaysia is a tapestry of flavours, cultures – and differences. By embracing and ‘campur-campur‘ (mixing) them all, we discover the unique strength that shapes our nation.


Celcom 2017  (video source)

Theme: Lagenda 5 Sekawan – Filem Pendek Hari Malaysia Daripada Celcom (Tale of 5 friends, a short film for Hari Malaysia by Celcom)

Semangat setia kawan tidak mengenal rupa & latar belakang (the spirit of loyal friends does not go by looks or background).

Kasih sayang dan kesefahamam
memupuk perpaduan kita selamanya
Our unity is nurtured by the love and understanding we have for one another


Celcom 2022 (video source)

Quote by Tunku Abdul Rahman (first Prime Minister of Malaysia)

Teras Merdeka itu,
adalah meraikan kebahagiaan rakyat dan negara
Merdeka at its core,
is about celebrating the happiness of the people and country.


TM Group 2022 (video source)

Budaya disemai, sejarah dipelihara
Melakar teknology, mengukir Malaysia

Maxis 2023 – seiring dan seazam (video source)

Andai berbilang generasi bersatu,
harapan akan bersinar di setiap penjuru
When generations come together
Hope shines brighter


Maxis 2022 (video source)

Potensi baru harus kita kecapi
supaya negara kita terus menerajui
By embracing new possibilities, our nation will always be ahead

Axiata Group 2022 (video source)

Sedetik pertemuan,
seribu harapan


RHB Group 2022 (video source) Teguh Bersama

Biar berbeza, kecintaan kepada negara akan menyatukan kita
Kemajuaan dicapai apabila perpaduan diutamakan

Despite our difference, our love for the nation will unite us
Progress is achieved when we put unity first


Petronas 2019 (video source)

Perbezaan kita menyatukan kita
Perbezaan kita anugerah kita

Our difference unites us
Our difference our gift

Petronas 2014 – a walk through time (video source)

Reflect on yesterday
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow


Maybank 2022 (video source)

59 years ago, we came together to form a great nation.

Today, we stand strong, united for the progress of our country and her people.

As we celebrate Hari Malaysia, let us remember to cherish every trait that makes us truly, uniquely Malaysian.

Wishing you a Selamat Hari Malaysia.


Saji Malaysia 2021 (video source)

Kita memang mengharung gelora yang sama
namun setiap kisah kita berbeza

We go through the same wave, but each of our story is different


Malaysian Airlines 2019 (video source)

Walaupun balik berulang kali
kemesraan kampung tak jemu di hati
We will never be tired of the welcome no matter how many times we return home

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