Hari Raya Song by Dato’ Jamal Abdillah and Raja Ema (EON 1988) – English translation lyrics

The following is the English translation of the classic Hari Raya advertisement song first published by EON in 1988. The song were sung by Dato Jamal Abdillah and Raja Ema. There are subsequent versions over the years but this version remains my favourite.

EON (Edaran Otomobil Nasional) is a company that distribute Proton cars that were assembled in Malaysia. There is nostalgic feelings of my childhood as  I grew up listening to the song and that time, the Proton Saga (featured in the song’s original video) was the car of everyone’s choice.  I’ve not heard this song for many years but while doing a search on YouTube, this song got suggested to me and it really brings back happy memories.

Iklan Raya EON (Dato Jamal Abdillah and Raja Ema 1988)- English lyrics translation



Hari raya hari yang mulia
Raya festival is a noble (majestic) day
penuh bererti kepada kita
full of meaning for us
tua muda miskin dan kaya
old, young, poor and rich
menyambutnya dengan gembira
celebrates Raya with happiness

Berhati-hati di jalanraya
Becareful on the road
semoga anda selamat tiba
May you arrive safely
kunjungi teman sanak saudara
visit friends and relatives
bersama gembira di Hari Raya
together with joy during Hari Raya

Salah dan silap kiranya ada
Wrongdoings and mistakes if any
bermaafanlah sesama kita
seek forgiveness amongst us
ucapan Selamat Hari Raya
wishing (you) Selamat Hari Raya
dari EON untuk semua
from EON (car manufacturer) for all
ucapan selamat hari raya
wishing (you) Selamat Hari Raya
dari EON untuk semua..
from EON for all

Original video of this song:

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