Calories of Popular Malay Food

Herein is the calories of some popular Malay food in Malaysia and Singapore…..

(for compilation of popular Chinese food, Indian food and Malaysia/Singapore favourite beverage, visit this page)

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Estimated calories:

  • Nasi lemak rice 230g= 389 kcal
  • Fried chicken 120g = 255kcal
  • Squid sambal (sotong sambal) 45g= 55kcal
  • Fried anchovies (ikan bilis goreng) 27g = 125 kcal
  • Boiled egg (telur rebus)= 75kcal


Nasi briyani | Briyani rice

Estimated calories:

  • 1 plate of nasi dagang rice: 245g= 448 kcal
  • Beef cooked in ‘red’ (daging lembu masak merah) 100g= 144 kcal
  • Beef rendang (rendang daging lembu) 100g= 253 kcal


Nasi dagang | nasi dagang rice

Estimated calories:

  • 1 plate of nasi dagang rice 250g = 508kcal
  • Chicken curry (kari ayam) 100g= 195kcal,
  • Fish crackers (keropok ikan) 5 pcs 30g=150kcal



Estimated calories:

  • Chicken rendang (rendang ayam)  116g= 250kcal
  • Beef rendang (rendang daging) 90g=130 kcal




Estimated calories:

  • Chicken kurma (kurma ayam) 125g= 180 kcal
  • Mutton kurma (daging kambing masak kurma) 192g = 295 kcal
  • Beef kurma (daging lembu masak kurma) 1 scoop 80g = 100 kcal



Estimated calories:

  • Chicken satay (sate ayam) 10 satay sticks 150g = 253 kcal
  • Beef satay (sate daging lembu) 10 satay sticks 150g  = 360kcal,
  • Satay gravy (kuah kacang) 1 scoop 50g= 130 kcal
  • Compressed rice (nasi impit) 5 pcs= 150kcal.


Maggi goreng

1 plate= 660 kcal


Lemang | 62g= 232 kcal


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