Francissca Peter Oh La La Tropika (English translation of lyrics)

This is very old song but uplifting song sang by Dato Francissca Peter called Oh La La Tropika …. on the joys of living in the tropical climate. Malaysia is one of the countries with tropical climate of sun and rain.

I have attempted to translate the lyrics of this cheerful song into English for more to be able to understand the meaning of this uplifting song. This also includes Shorts video I did where I included the lyrics with English translations. To read more about the places featured in the Short, please scroll down this page.

Hopefully this song will bring a smile and brighten up to your day.


Shorts featuring English translations with some places around Malaysia:


Lirik Oh lala by Dato Francissca Peter with English translation:

Indah sungguh panorama
So beautiful the parorama
Bagaikan bulan nirwana
Just like the nirvanic moon
Oh la la tropika
Oh la la tropical
Hujan bagai mutiara
Rain is like pearls
Seri seribu warna
Glowing (with) a thousand colors
Oh lala indah alam tropika
Oh lala beautiful tropical nature

Menarilah bersama
Let’s dance together
Ikut rentak irama
Follow the melodic rhythm
Bagai alam ditiup sang bayu
Like nature being blown by gentle breeze

Bayangkanlah semuanya
Just imagine all of it
Bernyawa dan berirama
Alive and rhythmic
Menyanyi dengan riang ria
Singing joyfully
Sepanjang masa
all the time

Matahari bercahaya
The sun’s rays
Menyuluh tiap jiwa
Light up every soul
Oh la la indah alam tropika
Oh lala beautiful tropical nature


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