Chinese New Year- Dragon Theme decoration and memories

The Year of the Dragon, like all animal zodiacs would occur once in every 12 years. The year of the Dragon always hold special signifance for me because a lot of things tend to happen to me in that cycle.

2 cycles ago in the year 2000, I’ve had very bad things happen on both my parents which I did a short video to share:

My sincere wish to all is to go back during the festive season to celebrate with your parents if they are still around. Because with each passing day, they are getting older. In my case, I lost my dad in year 2000 and now, 2024 my mom have advanced Alzheimers and no longer recognize me for the past few years. If you still have the chance, please treasure it because they would not be here forever….

I have also made some videos, more cheerful type- these short videos are using songs found in a children education channel and the songs are uplifting. I made these videos and play them when I do physio passive exercises for my mom (she is bedridden hence I need to move her limbs based on exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist to make sure joints do not get stiff). The nursery rhymes make her relax more during the exercise and brings a smile to her face. Examples are (I also use other suitable Shorts clips in my own channel):

The Dragon New Year Song:

If you scroll down the page, some of the photos in the video above are taken from the CNY decorations below.

12 months in a Thai calendar year starring the Dragon:


CNY Deco at shopping complex:

CNY Deco- Dragon Theme sold at F&C: 

This year, I’ve also have some nice CNY deco taken for me from a shop called F&C located in SS2, Petaling Jaya that sells tonnes of CNY deco. I would do a separate post on the deco they have but below are the decorations specific to the Dragon year, ie only can use for this CNY or have to wait 12 years later:

It would be kinda cool to keep these photos as memory and also to give inspiration for designs of subsequent animal zodiac sign:

Click on image file to enlarge…








Here’s wishing a Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrants and happy holidays to all.


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